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Thread: Love and Mead Quest Broken?

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    Default Love and Mead Quest Broken?

    The quest Love and Mead appears broken in scat forest?

    I get the quest. it says to find the bridge then go the first camp, then go release the unicorn in the cage.. That part works. The next part says.. Kill the Satyr Tyrant. That does NOT spawn. I tried even resetting the quest and starting over. Tried diff shards. Nothing works to advance the quest.

    NOTE: After logging out a few times, I was able to find him - he never aggroed me, which I thought he used to.. inside one of the tents was a little strange. I don't remember that part happening in the past. But i did find him - and you cannot use /target either. That is his the GUILD he belongs to or sub title of his name!
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    Glad to see you were able to locate him. I had the exact same thoughts when I did this on my EU main earlier this month. He DID use to aggro and attack upon spawn - at least I remember him doing that on my main when I did this quest chain back in 2017(?). Not sure why they deactivated that. Probably to fix a bug?

    Be sure to use CADRIFT.NET. It's a great resource with A WEALTH of useful tips. Not sure if this specific quest is in it's files but I never would have completed "The Maze of Steel" quest and unlocked the VP dailies/ DRR without it. When you get there be sure to watch CADRIFT's YouTube video to learn how to complete the fight quick and easy without dying on every attempt.
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    I've noticed mobs that should attack have lately been standing around where they pop and I haveta go locate them. It's been happening a lot in instant adventures, the upside being a swarm can be picked off 1 or 2 at a time (depending how they pop) rather than taking on several at once.

    I recently went through that quest chain on a toon and don't even really recall him, which probably means the toon was close enough to the tent to aggro him anyway and took him out thinking it was just another regular mob, lol.
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