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So let me get this straight, CA is going to be free Tier 1 support for Gamigo? So let's play devil's advocate here. What happens if something happens with a registry file or fold to stop the end user from playing a Gamigo game on the computer? Does the CA escalated to a real support member or do the troubleshoot it themselves? What were to happen if the CA causes the delete files causing the end-user computer ceases to function. Who will be held responsible Gamigo since they are with a company voluntarily or since they are not a paid employee the volunteer is held fully responsible? This enters a whole new gray area. Also what type of training will CA need?

As I'm always here they would theoretically become lesser versions of me (less privileges and reach), they would at no point reach the point of becoming Customer Support and cannot help with Account issues like mobile authenticator, password or email changes, purchase support. If it's beyond basic troubleshooting information, such as the registry file offered, they would be recommended to go to support with their information. Community Ambassadors will not give tech support to the extent of deletion of any files on anyone's computer, again will go through Customer Support. The Community Ambassadors will be trained by the Community Managers of their responsibilities of dos and do nots if they ever have a question they always can again reach out to me as again I'm often available. If I am not available (for example sleeping) I will reply to them as soon as possible in the morning, they will take down in-game name or forum name for them to be contacted as soon as I or another CM is awake. (However other CMs might be in an emergency if ever).

I will make sure that my availability is open so that if the Community Ambassadors do not feel as if they are saying the right things or portraying the wrong image but do not quite know how to word it I am again always willing to help to revise their wording. When I said "Tech support" it also does not mean anything in regards to your computer, it's often or common issues found, it would be more-so asking users to repair their game or RIFT or referencing them to troubleshoot pages from our support website.