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Thread: Fake announcement I made

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    Default Fake announcement I made

    About 6 months ago, I was still sort of optimistic about Gamigo's capabilities and willingness to actually DO something good for/with this game. Obviously, that has changed since then, but back then, I made what I wanted to see in an announcement about changes to come. So I sat down and wrote it like it was a real newspost and sent it off to Gamigo. I didn't expect anything to happen from it and, if you read the things I wrote, obviously they haven't done that, but I still felt like it would have been some nice changes. I present to you, in its entirety, the announcement I made, as I made it, just because....


    QoL improvements, Patron benefits and lots of numbers.

    Greetings Ascended!

    It's time for a big read, so grab something to drink, sit down and prepare to take it all in. This one is
    going to tickle you in all the right places!

    In the next patch, we have a bunch of Quality of Life improvements coming your way. Ranging
    from Eternal Weapon upgrade requirements being lowered to increased currency caps. Something
    that will affect every single player, all the way from Level 1 to Level 70, no matter what you do in
    the game. Here's the rundown:

    • AOE looting range increased
    • XP gains increased
    • Planarite and Favor caps increased
    • Currency rewards increased
    • Less grinding
    • More fun

    Okay, that last one is probably not something we can promise, but oh well, you get the idea!

    AOE looting range
    When you stand there, all mighty and powerful as Ascended are, surrounded by a bunch of enemy
    corpses, it's kinda silly to loot every single corpse individually. So AOE looting was introduced.
    Which is awesome! But also lacking in a certain area. The range. Sometimes, when you're dealing
    with a group of ranged and melee NPCs, you somehow manage to get everyone in a tight little spot
    and slay them all. Except for that one guy that just doesn't want to come closer. But you're good,
    you can kill him at range, so you do that. Now you have to loot. And you loot all of his buddies in
    one swoop. Except him. Because he is special. So you have to run over to him and then loot him.
    That's silly. So we increased the range from 5 meters to 20! Now he isn't that special any longer!
    On a serious note, we don't expect this one to be felt like a gamechanger, but it is a little bit less
    running back and forth and a couple of clicks less than it would have been, so all in all, this is a
    good change. And 20 felt like a good range for most encounters where the enemies are spread out
    for whatever reason.

    XP gains increased
    For the rest of 2019, enjoy a serverwide bonus to almost all XP gains. That means Planar, Kills,
    Quests, Guild Quests and Minions. Exploration XP is only relevant that first time you run through
    an area, so no changes there. Battle Pass XP has already been balanced against how long we feel it
    should take to reach max level, so no changes there either. But for everything else, there's a bonus:

    • Kill XP increased by 500%
    • Quest XP increased by 300%
    • Planar XP increased by 300%
    • Minion XP increased by 500%
    • Guild Quest XP increased by 200%

    On top of that, the Manugo Guild Quest ”Playing the Numbers” has been altered just a tiny bit. It
    now grants 50.000 GXP. We feel that it is no longer fun to spend months getting a guild up and
    running with good perks. This will help a lot as it is 20 weeks worth of XP in one single quest, so if
    you want to level up your guild rapidly, simply head to Margle Palace in the Plane of Water, talk to
    Emby the Cat Herder and grab that Guild Quest.
    In much the same spirit with the Minions, it is no longer fun to spend days and weeks getting to
    level 25, so the bonus should reduce that time drastically. As for Kill, Quest and Planar XP, we want
    you to level up faster. Simple as that. We don't want it too fast, but fast enough that you do not feel
    like you have to grind your way through the last bit of that level with Kills and Carnages before you
    can safely head to the next area. Increased Quest XP should reduce the level 64-65 grind to a more
    manageable level. And on that note, the trip through Vostigar Peak should make it easier to hit 70
    before you enter the Maze of Steel. We know many people struggle with it at 69, so getting that last
    level should make it slightly easier.

    Increased caps
    This one is quite simple: When you're out farming a Nightmare Rift for planarite, you quickly run
    into the 200.000 cap. For that reason, it has been increased to 500.000. This will allow you to
    stockpile a little more without having to spend them mid-combat. And similar for Favor cap, it has
    been doubled to 600.000. Crafting mark caps have been doubled as well, from 500/1000 to
    . While these two may not be as needed as the Planarite, we figured why not? And
    finally, the weekly caps on special currencies have been increased to 50.000 for all of them. No
    more waiting several weeks to buy your desired item because of the cap holding your back. And this
    leads us to...

    Currency rewards increased

    Yes, this (almost) means what you think it means. Yes, we love us too!
    Across the board, all special currency drops (not including Planarite) have been increased by 200%.
    So if you run that TDEM and you used to get 100 Ethereal Shards from killing a boss, you will now
    get 300.
    For currency obtained as Quest Rewards, like the weekly Planar Assault quest, you will no longer
    have the choice between 500 Tower Fragments, 500 Ethereal Shards or 150 Legion Datagrams. The
    amount of Datagrams has been increased to 500. Going by weekly quests alone, it will now only
    take 8 quests to get the cheapest items and 16 for the most expensive. This change should help alts
    and new raiders reach the gear requirements for raids like Bastion of Steel much faster and
    generally make things more fun for everyone!
    For older currencies, all Quest Rewards have been increased by 500%. If you're looking to buy old
    gear for your wardrobe, this will make things a lot easier.
    Platinum, Gold and Silver remains untouched and will drop and be rewarded in the same amounts
    as always.

    Less grinding
    Are you still sitting down? Do you need a refill? If so, now's the time to do it.
    Are you back? Excellent!

    When the game was first launched, everything had to take time for a reason. As the years passed,
    that reason became less important, so nerfs were made here and there along the way. We're going to
    make some more, but this is mostly aimed at endgame, because this is where it is felt more easily. In
    particular, we're talking Eternal weapons and Chondritic helmets and weapons! Most stage
    requirements have been reduced for all items, but we would like to point out a few of the really
    good ones.

    • Eternal Weapon, upgrade 2: Kill zone event colossi reduced from 40 to 10. Defeat Rift
    invasions reduced from 400 to 100. These two are taking an absurd amount of time, even if
    you find a good spot to semi-afk them.
    • Eternal Weapon, upgrade 4: Defeat level 70 Expert dungeons reduced from 25 to 10. 25 is
    just not fun when there's only 5 different eligible dungeons to choose from.
    • Eternal Weapon, final upgrade: Capture 25 particles in The Blind Spot. While we cannot
    remove that objective entirely, we CAN reduce the amount of particles needed. 15 is the
    new number
    to aim for, which should be far more doable for the majority of people that
    have problems with this step in the chain. We know that it will still be hard for some people,
    but this reduction is a fair compromise without making it too easy.
    • Across the board, for weapons and helmets the other upgrade requirements has been reduced
    where needed.

    Patron Benefits
    As a subscribing player, you should have some benefits. We want you to be more happy with your
    subscription, so we are going to bump those benefits up a bit.

    • All 40% boosts have been increased to 100%
    • 15% bonus currency has been increased to 50%
    • Overlord granting 5% Minion XP has been increased to 25%
    • All items with a limited number of charges per day, has been increased to 10

    All of the above are in addition to the previously mentioned changes. The ability to turn off XP
    gains remain the same, but the others are still permanent.

    Free Players
    As a non-paying player, the game is still perfectly playable. In other games you would be limited to
    a slower movement speed, decreased XP or currency gains and so on and so forth. However, we
    would like to give you something too. You get one of the previous Patron benefits, free of charge.
    40% bonus XP as well as the ability to turn it off if desired. While the current serverwide bonus will
    make this partially irrelevant, it will be a nice help once the bonus is gone.

    That's all for now, folks. We hope you will enjoy all these changes. More will be coming down the
    road, but for now we feel this is a good start. Have fun!

    Note to Gamigo
    This is what I think an announcement should look like. Detailed where needed, skipping when not
    needed. And written in a casual tone with a bit of humour thrown into the mix, because that's what I
    like to read myself. I spent a couple of hours typing this up while coming up with the changes and
    numbers as I wrote them. All numbers feel like a GOOD level without being overpowered. The key
    focus is bringing FUN in with the least amount of effort and if you look at all the things listed, they
    are actually just number changes. No serious coding required, except for maybe the AOE looting
    and granting the XP ability to Free players.

    All the changes here are something that will affect everyone equally, and they are something that
    will make people play more. Having the XP bonus for the rest of the year will make people level
    alts and the reduced grinding required for weapons and helmets will keep them focused on doing
    that. This gives you more time to bring out new content without having to defend yourself on the
    forums every day.

    Making Patron be worth paying for, will generate a better cash flow. I am aware that it will not
    solve everything on the economic side, but I suspect more people will be willing to pay when the
    benefits are increased.
    Granting bonus XP to free players means more people can try it out and get through the ”boring”
    parts of the game before they either purchase a subscription or decide the game is not for them.
    With a game this old, the amount of grinding really needs to be reduced. It can be reinstated in a
    future expansion pack, if you decide to make one. But if the game is going to be in its current state
    for another few years, it needs to be fun working through the grinds.

    You can use any or all of my suggestions here. You can even do a straight up copy/paste of it if you
    want to, which would be for the best, as I think they are all somewhat connected in the way I write.
    Just remember to actually change the numbers in the database and patch it into the game. If you
    need any suggestions on changes to the upgrade requirements for helmets and weapons, let me
    know. I didn't include them because that would be too specific and I only wanted to highlight the
    really ”bad” ones that needs fixing. If you decide not to use this, I at least hope you can use it as a
    guideline for where you need to focus your own QoL changes.

    And that's it. If you feel like commenting on any of the above, please, do not quote the wall of text, only the thing you comment on. Otherwise it will be annoying scrolling through it all...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnneBonny View Post
    We still want to give you a small hint: communication, support and entertainment are our three main concerns and you can count on some changes and improvements in this direction.
    We are all gamers and we understand how important transparency and open-mindedness are
    First lies told by Gamigo

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    A bunch of us were screaming for increased currency caps for years. ESPECIALLY for planarite!

    A doubling or tripling of Datagrams combined with a 90% reduction in item prices that require them would be MOST welcome. There's no good reason for a Storm Cell to cost 5000 datagrams. I need Storm Cells for upgrades and just one costs more than a single piece of gear. I would like to see Storm Cell priced at 75-100 datagrams which is perfectly reasonable considering it is an upgrade component. And get rid of that "only one per week" BS, too.

    Pretty funny read. I got quite a few fully body chuckles out of it.
    "In the MMO Rift, the players are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The Defiants who travelled back in time and The Guardians who are The Vigil's Chosen. These are their stories." <Dun! Dun!>

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    BiS essences from something besides DRRs that give the worst RNG on earth

    something worth spending 500k - 1mil Ethereal Marks on

    Relic Fragmanet Caches from PTS on Live

    T2 upgrade for eternal

    BiS crafted Celestial Chondritic Gear for every slot

    remove mentoring nerf on eternal Equip bonus

    relevant Ascend a friend rewards to encourage me to spend more money on my alt accounts for referral goodies on my primary account

    new loyalty tiers for our over logged earnings that we were told have been continuing to compile for future tiers

    achievement additions to reward advancement now exceeding old top tiers like 1400 artifact sets when some of us have over 1500 easily

    ZE fatestones for every chieve linked ZE

    remove Raid locks and use IRC instead except for BoS

    remove Intrepid Adventures or make them the correct difficulty to require mechanics be learned and managed

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