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Thread: @Zyra, @Avathar, @CM Mobi: NA Server crashes

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    Exclamation @Zyra, @Avathar, @CM Mobi: NA Server crashes

    The NA server seems to have crashed multiple times today, but I've seen nothing from the Devs aside from a new posting for the Tuesday shard maintenance announcement. As a Patron and longtime loyal player, I find it unacceptable that today's issues have not been addressed in the forums, and request that Someone. Please. Tell. Us. Something.

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    @Zyra, @Avathar, @CM Mobi:  NA Server crashes-serv-unav-again.jpg

    I agree.

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    Default Communication

    Communication is the key here, a lot of us will stay with the game and can understand technical issues but like you said, someone tell us something. Even if its only to say : we know shards are down we are looking into it.

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    Every time I try and log on this stuff is broke. Can't even cap flags in Codex. Hey... get it together okay.
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    i agree, much earlier i tried to log in and was stuck at 95% repeatedly so i logged off and found something else to do for the day then much-much later i logged in and did get in but immediately got the impression that others were having a lot of issues so i asked in CE if there was any point in me trying to look for a IROPT grp for my alt and was told probably not at that point cuz everyone was having issues so i logged off again to find something else to do.

    my question for any of the devs or whoever matters to answer (if they even have one) is: at what point do we realize that this google cloud thing is not working? what even happens at that point? is gamigo prepared to move rift back to its in house server if that point comes? ... i mean, it was my understanding from something zyra said in another post i believe that (in so many words) that rift was the guinea pig in moving the game to googles cloud service for very valid reasons which she gave which i wont bother to repeat here. but is it possible that this move just wont work (for what ever reason) and if so what happens at that point?
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