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Thread: NA Shards Down/Lag

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    Shield of Telara Dizbo's Avatar
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    May 2014

    Question Official Post Please? re:NA Shards/Lag

    3:53pm- All NA Shards Down
    May we please have an official post?

    2:57PM EST.
    NA shards are up - but experiencing heavy lag evident on shard hops. Not sure about other live activities or if any server testing is happening behind the scenes.

    Note: the [ongoing] EU shards still suffer massive lag in any activity.

    2:38pmEST - Fixed. Thanks for the quick repair.
    Since at least 2:15pm EST,
    NA Shards have been going down, then up with severe ping/lag, then down.
    Any Info?
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    Shadowlander Amaltheae's Avatar
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    Dec 2018


    Severe is an understatement too, ping keeps ranging between 26 and 12k ms, absolutely unplayable. It's so angering.
    [Faeblight] Yareen Amaltheia Mongke ... [Typhiria] Aiadiyima

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    Rift Disciple Tarindil's Avatar
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    Sep 2014


    It took almost ten minutes for npc's to spawn in Sanctum, then once they did spawn, you could not interact with them, but would get an invalid target. Logged out, now can not log back in, am getting the server is unavailable message even though the server is up(dead).

    ***It seems fine now.....not going to hold my breath tho.

    Good thing I did not hold my breath. Got back in the game but the lag is still horrible. Several minute lag....that is unacceptable.

    ****25 minutes and no mobs....lol....

    At this point, take them down and reboot the servers please.
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    I live on the West coast in the US and have been having lag and high latency issues for the last 2 months. Even after the last update that was supposed to fix a lot of issues. I used to get consistent 20ms to 26ms. Since about 2 months ago i get a regular 125ms to 190ms and FPS used to be 125 to 150 fps consistently. Now it goes from 140 all the way down to 35 fps and it makes this game so unplayable. I have a very good PC for gaming and all my other games do not have this issue.

    My PC Specs
    MSI Z370-A pro Gaming Board
    Intel i7 8700k @ 4.5GHz
    16 gigs DDR 4 RAM @ 2400Mhz
    Nvidia RTX 2080 8GB
    1TB Samsung Western Digital Solid State Drive
    2GB Samsung Black Hard drive

    So to say its my PC is so very incorrect and I am also Hardwired to my internet Router with a GB internet speed. I've been playing off and on for almost 6 years and this game has taken a huge step back and makes it seem as though the end to this once great game is near. I hope it isnt and it come back to good ole glory days. We shall See Happy Rifting all!!

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    Aug 2019

    Default Still lagging

    On Deepwood and there are a lot of mobs not showing up, lag is horrid, has anyone else seen if there will be a fix for this?

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    Plane Touched BigBeaver's Avatar
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    Jan 2011


    I wait for the day of Rift private servers open up.

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    Nov 2018


    Same here sat down to rift and nothing, just sits at login screen

    can anyone here (not the gamigo staff of course) explain why there is server instability when moving to a could server? I would be keen to understand in the most basic of ways just whats going on so i can understand why we get these crashes.

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    Ascendant Aranka's Avatar
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    Feb 2011


    lol.. was about to post it was looking fine, when I killed some rift mobs and dc'd while openiing the rift bag..

    @andy.. and you accidently described it perfectly.... moving to a COULD server....
    Last edited by Aranka; 08-11-2019 at 11:55 AM.

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    Soulwalker Orland Fank's Avatar
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    Jul 2016

    Default It's not to late to hire back the developers who knew what they were doing

    At some point you either need to spend the money to make this game work or give up and shut it down. The current state of the game is going to get me off my lazy *** and finally find something new to play. Considering that since 1999 I have really only played EQ, WoW, Rift, and Planetside, that is ALOT of laziness to overcome.

    **Edit: My son just told me to play Overwatch. Ill try that for awhile and get back to Rift tomorrow.

    *** Edit: While updating Overwatch, Blizzard just offered me a free level 100 character upgrade if I come back. I only play 1 subscription service at a time so that doesn't bode well for my Patron status.
    Last edited by Orland Fank; 08-11-2019 at 12:00 PM. Reason: Gamigo sucks
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    Soulwalker Liadren's Avatar
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    Aug 2019

    Default I too . .

    am suffering some sort of lag . . .

    Greybriar is up but I cannot interact with any of the NPCs. Get the message about another ability ?!
    Dang, I just came back to rift and created a female mage on guardians and literally JUST made it to silverwood. Before that the game was running like it's supposed to, hit silverwood and bam ... no NPCs for about 10 minutes, and now they are there but I can't actually interact with any of them.

    Sad Sad Panda

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    Aug 2019

    Default Lag, Downtime, Lack of Notice: Unprofessional

    (My first forum post-- it takes a lot to get me to voice my thoughts)

    I played Rift years ago, when it first started. I bought the game; It was good at the time. I returned about a month ago, and I have to say... Rift today is the worst game I've ever played (in many, many years of gaming) in regard to lag and downtime. Does anyone in charge of keeping this game running ever login and see how things are going? I highly doubt it. Does anyone in charge of this game care? Hmm, doesn't look that way to me.

    So, my current character is still low level, but I've been *trying* to get a summerfest bracelet. Trying to fish one is a real exercise in futility. ... No, I don't have patron-- am not paying a subscription fee currently. Well, I considered it, but (see paragraph 1) with all the lag and downtime issues with this game,,,, yeah, not considering it anymore.

    I don't know why anyone continues to play Rift under these conditions.
    I don't know why I am continuing. ....
    Hope (for real fixes) is a powerful thing.

    Sooooo, can we hope for *some* kind of recompense for this awful experience today (and recently) during these final days of summerfest???? We're apparently not even [important enough to be] getting a timely official explanation of the problems. (
    And, considering the whole of my recent experience with Rift, I expect to see nothing..... but I think the *least* they could do is give out some bracelets and maybe some other summerfest items. ... Yeah, hope is a powerful thing.

    Cheers to everyone who is hanging in there....
    and to the devs/pub of Rift:
    Shame on you. .. What an awful and unprofessional way to treat your users.

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    Ascendant Linolea's Avatar
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    Perth, WA, Oz


    So are Laethys and Hailol ever coming up?

    I spake and Hailol came up... Laethys last of course, my home shard >.<

    Seriously WTF??? Why is Laethys still down?

    ***Some time later***

    The silence is deafening.
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