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Thread: How do you contact Billing now???

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    Question How do you contact Billing now???

    I canceled my patron status months ago since the game has gone so downhill and deleted all my stored credit card info. Today I get billed for Patron! WTF? Log into my Glyph account, no credit card info showing, no contact info for billing, no place to hit submit support ticket. In "help" get stuck in an endless loop of you need to submit a support ticket & if you don't see "submit support ticket" then log in. Well, I've tried logging in using 3 different browsers and it isn't there.

    Anyone know how to contact them before I just dispute the charge with my credit card company?

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    I wouldn't waste time with customer support over an issue like this. Simply dispute the charge through your credit card company. Best of luck!

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    Dispute with you company you'll be waiting a long time for a response/fix from gamigo

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    Keep in mind that the modus operandi of most online games is to immediately lock any account with any kind of chargeback and not unlock it until the money is put back. I'd suggest you contact your financial institution about the chargeback window, try to resolve the issue with gamigo support, and only go the chargeback route if and when it's clear that you won't get the money back before the window closes (and, again, if you don't mind losing your account). With any luck, a CM might even notice this thread and expedite a resolution.

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    Put in a ticket. I had to do a few diff tickets, and actually heard back from them within a few days. worth a shot before going to your credit card company....

    go here: you have to log into the site first or you won't get the contact options.

    Click Glyph Accounts
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    Go straight to your bank/credit card company. I made the mistake of trying to correct a billing with a car rental company over the last two months and well, here I am still 2 months on, still not resolved. I lodged a transaction dispute with my bank and I trust it will get fixed in a matter of days or a couple of weeks.

    As an individual you have very little sway ... if a big bank or credit card company starts hounding Gamigo the odds shift in your favour.

    I see I can't even get into the account right now, even after applying a verification code. Systems are FUBARed.
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