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Thread: Question about abonnement and wich serveur is more actif

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    Default Question about abonnement and wich serveur is more actif

    Hi guys.

    I discover this game yesterday, and i see today i'm on America Region :s

    It's time to ask a question :

    Which serveur is the more actif, have more people ?

    I'm french but it's not a problem for me to play on international guild, but i prefer going on good server

    Second question :

    I like this game, so i want to know if i need to pay a abonnement for playing all content on the game, or if any content need abonnement?

    If i need abonnement, we advice me to buy a pack ( if yes, which pack? ) if no, i pay just for many month.

    Thanks for your futur answer, and sorry for my bad english :s

    Have a nice day

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    There is an EU server as well, so you may want to try that and see if you like that better as far as languages go.
    There are 2 main servers, North America(NA) and European(EU).
    NA has 7(i think) shards. I'm not sure how many EU has, because i don't play there.
    The actual Shard you choose to make your character on doesn't matter much because all players can interact and "shard hop". The only thing that really matters on picking a shard is the fact you need to be based on the same shard as the guild you want to join. Also, 2 servers have unique tags, Faeblight is known as the RolePlay(RP) shard and Seastone is the open world Player versus Player(world PVP) shard.
    Besides those facts, All NA players can play with all NA players and All EU players can play with all EU players. So if you have a friend on a different shard you can still play with them as long as they are on your same regional server of NA or EU.

    You don't NEED a subscription or to buy anything to play the full content of the game.

    That being said, there are things that you can pay for that will make your game more fulfilling, easier, smoother, and arguably funner if you do though.

    You can buy patron subscription and get a bunch of perks like exp boosts, mobile mailboxes/vendors/banks, RIFTstore credit discounts and random things.

    You can buy an item called a "REX" from the RIFT store and sell it on the AH for a quick way to make 4k+ platinum. Or you can use the REX yourself to get the credits, but it's better to just buy credit packs for your account if you want credits to spend.

    You can buy soul packs that have extra souls to add to your character.(some of them will add tank spec, healing spec or dps options to your classes.) The best overall pack to buy is probably the Ascended soul pack. It contains some really handy souls for your existing classes and even adds the Primalist class to your account. It also unlocks 2 bag slots and allows for 6 characters per shard.

    You can buy the Fires of Maelforge pack and it will give you a 160% speed mount, a cool Ghostrider looking flaming skull helm transmog item, a massive 40 slot bag, and 2,000,000 loyalty. The loyalty is cool because it unlocks a lot of loyalty tiers in your account and unlocks a few neat and handy perks. One of the best imo is the "Friend to all" perk it unlocks. This will allow you to summon people. This is super useful if you ever want to do group content.

    You can also buy credit packs, this will give you credits to use to buy higher end items in game. Some of the most useful things to spend credits on (in my opinion) are unlocking all of your minion quest slots. Minions can be a great way to make extra plat and get materials while you are busy doing other things.
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    Thank you very much Elitizt for your detailed answer, and your time.

    I don't want mount, or goodies, but i think i buy pack for unlock bag and big bag

    thank you again

    have a nice day

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