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Thread: Calm down people

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    Default Calm down people

    I have been playing in EU since the server switches started here. Someone over there stated they had about 6 weeks of problems and now they are fine.

    So you can keep trying here and if it's messed up, start a toon on eu until na is fine too. Or find another game to play along with this one. I do 3 games myself. At the most just ask for summerfest to go longer. As a patron, I am fine as I am playing on eu shards for the time being.

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    Default Animal House - All Is Well!


    (sorry, I'm a goofball, I can't resist)


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    Default The problem is that this is just more of the same...

    Calm down? Sure- I suppose if you are new to the game it might appear as if us old timers are whiners and crazy. You are only seeing technical issues that get resolved. You are not seeing the nerfs, the bugs, the ignoring of many good suggestions over *years*, the incredible downward spiral - mainly from Trion - but now in a holding pattern by Gamigo. At least Gamigo juggles what they have better and are less arrogant. The problem my friend is that those of us who have been here a long time have had to give up sooooo much that these server issues are just salt in the wound. None of it will bring back a viable playerbase.

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    LOL at the one remaining white knight. You are a rare breed around here.

    What makes you think that telling people to calm down is going to have anything but an inflammatory effect? Or is that your true purpose?

    Wonderful if you are having a good time in the game. Anyone that's been here a while can tell you the game is in by far the worst state it has ever been, and we are putting voice to that fact. Perhaps we haven't moved on because there is nothing worth moving to, or some other reason. Whatever the case may be, ignoring problems is not going to make them go away, so we will keep pointing them out in the hope they get fixed.
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