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Thread: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bugs

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    Default How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bugs

    There are a significant number of buffs that are cancelled on death/shard hop/other transitions, including eternal weapon buffs. These have all been reported more than once in the Bug Report section of the forum, but to date have not been corrected (some having been reported when Nightmare Tide was the new thing). This affects all classes to some degree, more or less depending on soul combos and how the eternal buff is handled by calling. It should not be a requirement to use a buff tracking add-on to know when buffs have dropped off or malfunctioned, especially when they are absolutely critical to the function of entire callings/souls.

    The easiest way to fix this is to make all self-buffs not expire on death, and junction on-target abilities together in a sensible fashion to reduce the number of clicks per death/shard-hop/whatever. As for eternal buffs, since they apply differently for every calling, just standardize them to a fixed proc (as was done in prior expansions) and increase the stats on the weapons. Souls have vastly different mana/energy requirements per rotation and aren't balanced properly to factor in eternals. If you paid me a plat for every mage that asked in chat what qualifies as a primary bolt I wouldn't need to endlessly farm dead content to make ends meet.
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    Mages ask what a primary bolt is, so they read the eternal but didn't read their abilities? LOL wow.

    How I stopped worrying was accepting rift would never get better. So now I'm here to see how many more bone head moves can be pulled by the piss poor management rifts had since SL.
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    In the wise words of my professor.. Did you read?

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    The one that bothers me is Condensed Obliteration. Sometimes I'll hop to another shard and a few minutes later I notice that fights are taking longer, and it's because Condensed Obliteration is still on my buff bar but no longer autofiring Bound Fate. I've started casting Condensed Obliteration whenever I get through a load screen just to make sure it's working.

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    Default What buffs?

    Marginal Steve and the other posters have a point. The problem is that we all suffer from a kind of Stockholm syndrome. We are grateful the game continues- even if it keeps us in a closet wanting food. Changes to the spaghetti code would require staffing- and I think the few people assigned to Rift have their hands full just keeping the lights on.

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