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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyra View Post

    I can officially reveal that Summerfest will start next week! We will soon give you a little more info regarding that.
    Thanks, any chance to add a couple new minions to this event
    I think a few people are like 4-5 short of completing the 250 total minion achieves and about 4 of them are not even active in the game anymore :P Thanks !
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    The summerfest better come asap, after the merge it's even more noticeable there isn't much to do in the game or nothing...

    Even for people who sometimes hunt the unstable artifacts - literally 5 events running out of which 3 in zones I don't need to go to...

    Running the same old raid is just mehhh

    Please think of increasing the number of events running in zones and the spawn rates as well for things to keep us going otherwise soon even those who log in for minions only and mail will stop...

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    yeah be ready summerfest ZEs will probably be abundant especially if we get the ZE fatestones like we have been with CTA, but we still need to remove the ZE population lock for those of us still missing chieves

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