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Thread: city guard level issue

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    Default city guard level issue

    the lvl of city guard mostly meridian and sanctum are still scaled to lvl 50 it should match the level of the current expansion these city have no protection currently what are you guys waiting for

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    really.. we got more important things in here.
    Protection? against what? I dont find them weak. Guys on the bridge got no problem with helping/killing event bosses, toons of mobs. You saw anything dangerous in you capital? Capitals are very boring and safe
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    their level 50 has a reason....

    maybe your guild is not high level enough or you joined the guild at higher guild level...

    But back in the days, when char level 50 was cap and guild level 21 was cap, there were the guild quests to kill certain npcs in the city of the opposite faction or to kill so many centurions/guards in the city...

    Back when pvp had open world quests and it was fun raiding the city with your guild to get the guild quest done

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