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Thread: Dungeon penalty

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    Default Dungeon penalty

    So you queue for a random dungeon or join a premade team.

    Turns out the cleric tank runns a fully upgradet mage craftet helmet and the chloro does nothing but direct heals. Fine so far - everyone starts somewhere.

    But when baddies aswell as almost bis geared raid chars DIRECTLY head for exploits and other cheesy bug abuse, that's where it ends for me.

    So you stand there and watch them fail, take a screenshot for the bug report and leave the dungeon.

    Then you have a 30 minute dungeon penalty for leaving your heroic adventure group alone.

    -> Is it possible to get a better solution than this penalty. If people enter dungeons while clearly not being ready while the queue function does not limit the access gear and stats; is it your fault not supporting such narrow mindet approach?

    Back in the days, if a guy won't come along with his group, he often enough ninjapulled and acted licke a dick to get kicked out - since that doesn't leave you with a penalty!

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    Just one of many reasons a dungeon finder is a terrible addition to an MMO...

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