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Thread: Returning Player

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    Default Returning Player

    Hey Guys,
    I played at launch and off and on over the years. Just wanted to jump back in and was wondering where i should start? I have a level 50 Rogue and 43 Warrior I'd like to work on.

    I am an experienced MMO player but there seems to be a lot that's changed.

    Thanks in advance.

    Update: I think this is in the wrong forum and needs to be moved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Obiworm View Post
    where i should start? I have a level 50 Rogue and 43 Warrior I'd like to work on.
    For questing, check the map for your warrior, the level ranges are listed on each zone. For your rogue, head to your hometown of Sanctum or Meridian, then find the people that can transport you to Brevane and Dusken. They are good to level in for 48+.

    If you just want it done fast, go do Intrepid Instant Adventures until it slows down too much for you, then quest in a zone fitting whichever level you have at that time.

    Dungeons are not worth doing as leveling content, too little xp gain for too much time and effort and the gear drops are outlevelled soon anyway.

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    As already stated above: go to the respective zone(s) to level or do IA [never really done them myself, i don't like them]

    Welcome back . Lots to explore

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    One thing you should be aware of. Trion doesn't exist anymore, they sold everything to a German gaming company named Gamigo last October.

    Everything is up in the air, as there is not much communication between Gamigo and the players regarding the future of Rift.

    It's been more than six months, and they should have some idea what is going to happen, but nothing released to us. From what I've heard, Rift is not even on their website.

    So, I wouldn't spend too much money until things become clear.

    Welcome back and good luck.
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