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Thread: Maybe turn off few shards and stay 2 or 3 in both servers NA, EU?!

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    Default Maybe turn off few shards and stay 2 or 3 in both servers NA, EU?!

    Is this disscused befor to left 2 or 3 shard in both servers NA, EU and shards to be hight populated?!
    What is reasons is not done to now?!
    And Gamigo devs to say to us that.." The reasons our game is not high popular and quit many players in over 5 years past time,and for you would better to play with more players and active, we gonna turn off few shards, please do trasfer for 1 month period of time"...
    You would be happy they do that or not?!
    Count to me reasons,please.
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    I'm not for reducing the number of shards in any way currently.
    In doing so you are negatively effecting current players by:
    1) Reducing the number of zones that Zone Events can be active in effectively artificially increasing the time it takes to complete upgrades for your eternal and other gear pieces that need them.
    2) Lowering resource gathering nodes - with the low respawn rate we currently have in the current expansion, no thanks.
    3) Less total artifact spawns for those trying to collect them (not my thing but hey some people will be angry about it)

    Lets be real here though. Reducing the number of shards does absolutely nothing to make the lower level zones any more populated. Most people blitz their way to endgame or grind Instant Adventures most of the way.

    Shrinking the shard count doesn't make the current games population any more active then it currently is, just gives them less of an area to spread out and play in when they aren't running instanced content or afking in Tempest Bay.

    If you want the game to be more active, there has to be more incentive to get the players out and doing things. The battle pass was an attempt at this, not the best fleshed out it should have been but an attempt. It's more focused towards fluff and casual players though.

    On top of needing more of an incentive to get out of TB and do things, we need those things to have better testing before being hoisted onto the players. To this day 2 of the bosses in the newest dungeon can be bugged out with 100% reliability in doing so to bypass most if not all of their mechanics. Multiple of the battle pass dailies and weeklies are buggy and not completing or flat out showing the wrong objective requirements. We're in need of content to motivate people to do things but that content needs to function better then what we're currently seeing.
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    That's a quality of life reduction we don't need.

    It's bad enough that everyone spawns in the same shard (most often not your default) into a massive lag spike, have you not thought things through and make the mistake to logoff in Tempest Bay.

    Another example: The week everyone spawns by default on my shard - it's borderline impossible to do daily quests in Vostigar Peaks with people shamelessly stealing your quest progress. I'm forced to shard-hop into a more forgiving environment. Limiting my options to do so, while offering nothing positive!?

    Also character name conflicts might occur People having to move their auctions alone is a huge loss on their end. Just no.
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