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Thread: greyed out shards?

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    Default greyed out shards?

    i noticed there are 6 other greyed out shards on rift not including re-claimer shard, why are these here and what are they for? i don't remember anything being mentioned about new shards ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin666 View Post
    why are these here and what are they for?
    To understand that, you need to understand the trouble there was with getting Reclaimer to even show to us players.

    The most likely cause was an incorrect flag set somewhere in the system. Like what can players see or do, that kind of flag. Reclaimer was most likely flagged as Dev Only and it took a patch to change that. But somewhere in the process Gamigo might have accidently flagged the other shards as Visible but not Available. Reclaimer was the only one that should have changed any flags, but oh well, not like it really matters. I assume the other shards are for internal testing and they will never be made available to the players, even though they are visible at the moment.

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    Default #DayblindForLife

    Here's a list of the original shards at launch just for your interest. As each was turned off some were kept for internal shenanigans/they may all still be there but some still in use.
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    Oh, Millrush! That was my shard.

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    Ah, Shadefallen, how I remember you. Was my original shard way back when ;)

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    Heh, I started on Stonecreast, then dumped onto shatterbone and threesprings. (Forget the order)

    Now I'm on wolfsbane and if another round of mergers comes I'll bet we're first to get shipped elsewhere.
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