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Thread: Cadrift.net Battle Pass guide - Dropped it like it's hot.

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    Default Cadrift.net Battle Pass guide - Dropped it like it's hot.

    A full guide to the Battle Pass system

    Cadrift.net Battle Pass guide

    Happy hunting peeps!

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    Thanks! Love your guides!

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    Default Much appreciated

    Unsurprisingly another well thought out guide. I don't know what you do for wages, but I hope it's something involving training or development, because your stuff is always quality.
    Aistana Ortaina Anar!

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    Default Thank you very much

    I loved the gift, and got an amazing mount.

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    I have a question about doing this on both NA and EU. I have mulitple accounts but one main that I care about. I ended up getting battlepass on all my accounts last time. I dusted off my EU chars and had a little fun with them during last battlepass but became disappointed that I did not get credits or loyalty rewards for it since I did it on NA already. I do not play EU much and thought, well I will use the credits from Battlepass to do some piddly things like upgrade minions specifically for EU. I just hate wasting my credits for EU since I do not play it much but figured if I earned them from doing EU stuff I would use them on EU things.

    Is this the case again where doing both NA and EU is pointless? I am not going to buy more than one battlepass nor bother with playing on EU shards this time around if not.

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    Good luck on the PTW rare weeklies folks

    the tasks to kill 4 rare mobs in ptw
    it specifies specific ones of the 20 groups
    but here is what those of us who worked the achievement for these discovered
    20 mobs in 8 versions with ~4 spawn locations each across 7 shards share a spawn limitation
    in order to get a specific of the 20 you must hit all 80 locations on all 7 shards killing the ones that are spawned hoping that the one we need will randomly respawn and that another player wont be there to kill it already while we are running the circuit

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