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Thread: Question for the new Devs

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    Default Question for the new Devs

    Hey there new devs,

    I used to play RIFT a long time ago but sadly trion destroyed many aspects of the game that i loved the most and that i myself found really fun. We had such a great guild and had so much fun together doing adventures, questing, raiding and most of all Open world PvP back when it was really fun to do.

    I have been following rift since our forced departure years ago, while i was bitter about what they did to force us and the majority of the PvP community out the door i still had a place for rift in my heart. Logging in every so often to check up on things...its so sad to log in now and find nothing but ghost towns where such great memories once lived and many fun battles waged.

    My question to the new devs is this....

    1) Do you plan on trying to bring this game back from the dead?
    2) What are your plans regarding open world pvp and pvp in general?
    3) what are your plans for the PVE community as well?
    4) What do you plan to change so that rift has something to offer again?
    5) will you be bringing back the PvP aspect of this game like it was in the beginning? Warfronts are nice and all but some open world stuff is where the fun really was.

    I mean years ago, when this game first came out....god it was so much fun. Me and my guildmates played on the pvp servers and in places like iron pine ...omg you never knew when a rogue would pop out form the treeline to gank you lol... i had alot of fun there. I know saying that...that pvp isn't something everyone enjoys but its def someetihng that all of us on that pvp server truly enjoyed and i would love to see it come back to the way that it was way back when it all began.

    Every week or 2 there would be updates for both the PVE side of the house as well as the PvP community and it was really awesome to have that. This way noone was forced to pvp but if the wanted to they just joined the server. What i wouldnt give to see RIFT rise back up from the grave. I remember approaching Daglar many times even on live streams asking him about pvp and he would just all out lie because over the weeks that followed...everytihng he said ...went opposite.

    sorry for the wall of text...but i once loved this really great game..i made some really awesome friends who i still game with today in other games, made amazing memories, shared so many happy times with these people... standing in the guild dimension now...where we all once gathered ....finding it abandoned and empty much like all the zones on seastone... it kinda hits like a truck and one cant help but feel sad due to all the emptiness where once it was full of ppl and flourishing....

    hope to hear back from you GAMICO ... If a few things changed with this game, and that god awful ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t cash shop taken away i can gauruntee...me and a good many others would happily return if both the PVE and PVP communities were shown some attention. Incase it's ever an option ....i would happily pay a decent SUB per month to have a good game to play...and im sure many others...are SICK TO DEATH of free to play, cash shop garbage.... hope this game makes a comeback.... i truly do. The cash shops, all that P2W garbage has to end someday i hope.

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    There aren't any new developers that we know of and even if there were, we likely wouldn't hear from them. Some of the former Trion developers were rehired after the acquisition and so far it seems to mostly be key positions that were refilled to keep all of the games running and to continue development although on a smaller scale for now. We do have new community managers though which is different. As far as everything you asked about though, there's quite a few other feedback threads and info threads of everything that we know of / heard about so far:

    Acquisition Updates: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...ml#post5366919

    Rift Team Letter 11/8/18: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...-8-2018-a.html

    11/30/18 Letter: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...e-11-30-a.html

    Meet the new Community Team!: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...nity-team.html

    Frequent Questions and Concerns: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...ns-update.html This one address a few of the questions from the 11/8/18 thread, but not really a whole lot that we didn't already know.

    Gamigo Interview: https://www.mmobomb.com/exclusive-in...illion-assets/

    That being said, I'm not giving you links because all of your specific have answers nor am I discouraging you from asking, but I think it's best to put your questions in one of those threads and bump it to the top of whatever section it's in so that the feedback and questions are more focused and easier for them to read through as threads tend to be lost relatively quickly in general. I poke the CMs on discord at least twice a week to see if there's anymore news regarding the game and most especially development. The most recent was: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...r-tickets.html
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