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Thread: Silence Killing Everything,

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    Default Silence Killing Everything,

    Good to have some CM for Rift but we dont know anything about future of rift. We are asking question on discord but getting the same answer over and over again I'll ask the team and stuff. I'm so bored actually and that silence is killing the population I can clearly say that. So many people's are happy about that situation but I'm not. I'm not a dimension lover I'm a raider I wanna see more dungeon, zone, raid. But we dont even know what will gamigo bring to us. They are working for a expert dungeon but the thing we need is something more challenging. The community is always amazes me so many peoples are saying like oh so many peoples come back to rift or smth. I saw 3 people on gedlo leveling zone bla bla. Lets be real and stop lying to yourself.

    Is there any chance to learn what is really happening for Rift atm ? Do you guys have a plan for rift I mean content schedule ?

    You guys are need to bring something back to revive your population. 1 Dungeon cant change that fact tbh.

    I'm still playing Rift but not enjoying. There is nothing to do for me. Doing TD EM/QF and normal raids for fun but its boring kinda doing the same thing over and over again.

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    It was really fun year returning and playing Rift, but current state of game is no good.

    Since my patron ran out saturday, I uninstalled for now and be looking on forums for update.

    I might come back once my nov tickets start to get responded :P

    PS! Have you noticed how in news section, how GM pops out that he joined the team and then some questions are asked, but they never respond and most likely never to be heard again.
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    Silence killed the radio star.

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