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Thread: Dimensional Overkill

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    Default Dimensional Overkill

    Does anybody know why this doesn't work? I've added a pile of snow (won during the Yule event) in a Kestrel Cry Ravine dimension, but I don't get any achievement for it.

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    You know, I didn't either. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. I just put it the pile of things to look at that I can't finish yet.

    Last night, there was a quest in Vostigar Peaks on WB that kept crashing the game on me. The quest in East Utilla to use the quest item to bring out the OS something something. You use it on the Utillans, & you need 5 of them. Game would crash every time I got to 4/5. I mean smack dab pffftwoop, crash. I abandoned & picked back up like 4 times. I know this should be mentioned in Bugs, but I don't feel like reporting it.

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