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Thread: Faelight Sparkles taken away

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    Default Faelight Sparkles taken away

    Hey guys,

    I picked up the Faelight sparkle quest and was completing it at my leisure. In the past as long as you had picked up the quest it didnt matter how long it took you to complete it. Imagine my surprise when I logged in today to have the quest removed from my logs and all the sparkles removed from my inventory.

    Is there any chance of you guys fixing this or are we just out of luck with no warning?

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    The quests lasts as long as the event does, always has done..

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    You can keep the quest in your log as long as you want, but as Caduto mentioned, the sparkles specific to the fae yule event disappear along with it which was Thursday around 3:00pm pst. You of course also can't turn it in once the NPCs are gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holyroller12 View Post
    You can keep the quest in your log as long as you want
    I've only been back since the summer, but I haven't seen event quests auto-abandoned like what happened with Fae Yule. A couple of my alts still have Autumn Harvest quests that I haven't gotten around to abandoning yet, but I actually saw the system message telling me that all the Fae Yule quests I had in my quest log were automatically abandoned when 3:30pm hit on Thursday.

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    If anyone wants to keep the quest until next Fae Yule, why prevent this? People have jobs, have families, why can't they split this event to two years?

    If you count on people who have plenty of time to spend ingame, you might note at some point that time you can spend and money you will spend can be somewhat diametral...

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    As far as I know the event is intended to last only 3 weeks, they gave us 4 weeks. That is more than enough time to complete the quest. I came back to live from Prime late in the event and it wasn't too much trouble to complete the quest in just 4 days.
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