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Thread: ATT: Gamigo - Here's an obvious thing

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    Default ATT: Gamigo - Here's an obvious thing

    There's significant popularity - to the tune of hundreds of millions of players - in the Battle Royale genre right now in the game industry. Use your imagination.

    Your newly acquired game RIFT contains code for the "Conquest" game mode.

    It's smarter than it seems, for the doubtful reader.
    This large scale/huge map competitive mode was getting a lot of things right, back in the day.

    Get your dev team to open up the Conquest codebase and take a look at it. It shouldn't be too difficult to retrofit it and activate leaderboards and seasons again.

    Presto: now you have Battle Royale-like PR buzz for Rift in 2019, if you handle it correctly.

    Combined with some housekeeping updates (while new story/raid content is pending, ahem), you could easily market this as part of a proper resurrection for Rift.

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    This is actually a really good idea and I for one would love to see CQ back

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    Without updates to the game engine, even if it could just be 'switched on'.... if there was an influx of players, I'm not sure the shards/servers could handle it. No matter what anyone thinks of conquest, there is a reason it was called lag fest by quite a few...

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    The game has never performed well in crowded areas for me. Unless they fix that, developing content like zone events or conquest is a waste.

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    As long as this won't interfer with PVE fine. But not all players want PVP.

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