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Thread: trolls posing as GM's ...

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    Default trolls posing as GM's ...

    i just wanted to draw attention to something been noticing the last few weeks. and that's certain people posing as as a GM in chat channel saying stuff such as gamigo is not gonna do anything for this game and will close game or let it die and stuff along those lines. now personally i recognize a troll when i see it and therefor it really don't bother me. i mean chat channel troll's each other all the time so its no biggie to me and i assume to most of us here. problem iv been noticing lately tho is there are new players coming in to the game and they do not fully recognize a troll when they see it and generally question what they are trolling about. so I'm here to post this thread to simply draw attention to this matter. i think someone should do something about this somehow. i could list off a few names but that that would be naming and shaming so i wont do that ... but honestly these names are not hard to spot in chat cuz 'gamigogm' is part of the name ... and if i have already said too much then by all means tell me or go ahead and change my post ... if anyone has anything useful to add to this then feel free. i did report the name as violation but was informed by my guild that the person that use to look into reports is no longer with the game.
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    I have a tab for CE, but I don't ever look at it unless I absolutely need to. I just use it for what it's meant for and move on. If it's really an issue then I would suggest hitting up the CMs and giving them a list of names/people that are abusing/trolling the chat. Either on the forums or on the Heroes Discord which they're both usually available on during the week.

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    People are bored and bored ones have nothing else to do than troll and trolling they do. There isnt a question you can ask without having trolls jump you on EU server.

    ****, jew, oven jokes all over on EU server, in a game ran by German company?

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    I get trolled every time I ask a question and my most favorite is when I do ask I have to ask again an hour latter because it's as if I am not seen. So then when I repeat the question I get yelled at and told not to keep asking stupid questions and to use google or the game is dying and just quite not worth trying to get done what I needed to.

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