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Thread: Somethings up with Hailol

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    Default Somethings up with Hailol

    I logged on today in The Training Yard on Hailol and discovered that all that all the harvest NPCs were missing. Upon closer look... there was a pile of players popping in and out, then the NPCs appeared, then disappeared.. players appearing then disappearing then appearing again.. Checked a couple of other servers.. no issue.. went back to Hailol and its still happening.

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    Hailol isn't really having a problem. It's because half the playerbase is in the yard collecting artifacts.

    The only way to get them is pop the pumpkin pinata, so people are all standing around all day to collect the artifacts. You get 4-5 artifacts per pinata if you are actively collecting. If you are afk you can get 1 randomly from the pinata diamond.

    The reason why things are coming in and out of view is culling, to reduce lag. If you suddenly saw 100-200 players in one spot your computer would grind to a halt.

    Why Hailol, because that is the default shard people are logging in on.

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