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Thread: Prime Server: Emissary to the Icewatch quest - broken?

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    Default Prime Server: Emissary to the Icewatch quest - broken?

    Yeah, so I've tried a few times in the last few weeks to try to complete this quest, but I seem to be stuck in the "Introduce Queen Miela to Luminary Yentai of the Icewatch" step.

    Yentai won't talk to me. And if I try to use the Brevanit Portal Beacon quest item to try to maybe summon Queen Miela, it causes some error text to show up "You must be near the Brevanic Portal Beacon in the Chancel of Labors".

    The quest highlight is a smallish gold circle around Yentai. I keep hoping that if I complete more of the Icewatch story line quests (I'm currently level 34 and alternate between Iron Pine Peak and Scarwood Reach areas to level up). but no luck yet. I have a couple more locations in Iron Pine Peak story line I think...

    Any ideas? Or was this a time-limited quest that was only available in a previous patch window?

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    It was a time limited quest series. Essential npc's have returned to their Hobbit holes and you wont be able to complete. Just abandon the questline and talk to the emmisary in your home city to get the portal to Storm Legion zones

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    The circle that the quest marks is not the location at which you must use the portal beacon. You need to move a few steps northeast to the edge of the ring decoration in the wooden floor, kinda heading towards the globe. Then the quest item can be used to summon the portal and the queen will appear so you can do the rest of that quest and continue the quest line.
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