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    This is just plain stupidity of trion.

    Eu raid time, even if you can still call it like that on wednesday... Most guilds are struggeling with their members to get something done.... The ship is sinking! Sinking faster and faster... Will it make the end of the year!?

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    Maybe I just don't get it, but why is couple of extra hours of down time such a big deal?

    Maybe as being married to a programmer, I understand down times, glitches, unexpected delays more than most. I've viewed quite a few post over the years (since beta), with folks absolutely LIVID about a little down time. SMH...

    I completely understand if it's like, a day or longer. At that point some compensation should be automatic. But I've never seen any guarantees with any service or game that connection and activity is 24/7. Never. Anywhere. Am I missing something?

    By the way, I am patron, have been for a long time, and buy extra things with credits. So I do speak from the standpoint of having invested. I just understand nothing in life (except death and taxes!) is absolute or perfect.

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    The only viable compensation would be 2 storm cells and 6k intel.

    Stopping Live players playing on reset day for something that doesn't affect them is wrong on so many levels. At least they should have patched it late Tuesday night (yes you should have done a night shift. The fact you didn't go with this option really says a lot about what the CEO thinks of community relations).

    Or even easier, Brasse should have at the very least stated their would be compensation for Live players within the patch post. To not, suggests you have no intention to. Not even delayed patron time. I'm hoping this is not the case as that would just infuriate me beyond belief.
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    The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment from knowing that Prime gets to experience Storm Legion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Refinn View Post
    think our inconvenience for this load they r doing is the double creds sale. there r so many bugs o be addressed but hey who knows
    If you're saying the double creds is a form of compensation, lol why do it beforehand without saying anything instead of afterwards (which is usually how compensation would work)?
    I for one am not expecting much, if anything, to be given to Live. Maybe PAxp +50% (because who isn't maxed at this point) or even a batch of 160% vials, both of which they've done in the past for random issues, but that'd be it.

    What I am more concerned with is when the hell will Live get a turn? It's been a year, throughout which we were repeatedly told "Prime will not interfere with Live," yet look at things now: Again, no content for Live for a year, and Prime is getting a big ol' expansion-sized update. Live servers are estimated to be down for 6 hours *because of* Prime getting an expansion-sized update.
    Prime's patch notes will be pages of text, while Live is gonna have the usual two or three lines about "Added this dim item" "Fixed this dim item" "This reskin mount is now available in the store"

    I'm fed up with hearing about Prime and seeing all the updates and attention it's getting from a development standpoint. It doesn't encourage me to sub for Patron so that I can have access to starting a new character but having new stuff be released for me. This is having entirely the opposite effect, and I know I'm not alone.
    I know it would never in a million years happen, but I would love if the devs could say "Prime, you've had your turn, now Live gets our focus"

    And no, Autumn Harvest, annual events, and reskins do not count as content.
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    Default Something more

    Having the servers go down for a brief period is expected. As a live player, and one who participated in beta back in the day, downtime happens, but there always was a solid reason that would enhance our own play. This is not the case here. As a "LIVE" player, patron (silver tier) and former subscriber (when it was out) I invest in the game and expect to be rewarded with content, upgrades, balancing, etc. when the servers go down for more than their weekly cleansing. Going down for hours (even worse for Europeans on reset day) is poor planning. This should occur around 1am pacific time, thus affecting less peoples primary play time.

    As it stands, absent putting in new content for live players (expansions-new 20 man raids-etc) going down for 6 hours is not easily forgivable. You knew how long it would be down, and could have planned a time when this would be less impactful.

    I cannot stress how it seems that the Live players seem to not be getting real content (and no-new skins on mounts/wardrobes don't count, neither does rehashing old raids/dungeons count as new). You can fix this. Even single instance items released quarterly would give the impression of investing in the Live game and allow people to briefly enjoy new content.

    Also, you desire to have people play old content, and thus help newer players who would also benefit from running it, then reward with legion datagrams (reduced quantity) for running them (even if it forces you to mentor to run them to get it). More people would be incentivized to do so.

    Lastly, For those who are silver tier, you should offer a bonus. For each person in a raid/party who is silver tier the distinguished buff is stackable/partially stackable. Don't have it apply to non-silver tier players. This will incentivize others to get to silver for additional bonuses. Just a thought. It will increase sales, and reward the ones who keep the game afloat (actual paying customers).
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    Sure trion has got technical reasons, but a long downtime without getting new content or significant improvements of the game is just stupid.

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    No one likes downtime. We try to keep them to 3 hours or less (usually aiming for 1.5 hours).
    There are a lot of serverside adjustments on this one, basically, things you cannot see, as well as Storm Legion going up on Prime.

    We expect a Dev Letter this month as well, as they do have a number of irons in the fire for RIFT: Live. I am going to close this thread now, and will mention that we will likely go back up before the 6 horus is up. Waiting for the signal from the engineers.

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