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    Default Is this the end of Rift

    There are far too many things going wrong in the game and nothing seems to get done about them.

    When you report things to GMs they just tell you that you need to report it in-game or on the forum

    When you report it in-game you don't know if it's even read let alone taken further, Personally EVERYTHING I have reported in-game has seen no action.

    When you mention things on the forum there seem to be excuses, a complete lack of care or your concerns are not addressed at all. Failing that you just get your thread shut down.

    It's a real shame that people work hard to create such wonderful graphics and game play to have red tape, politics and an intolerant and apathetic attitude from the admin.

    Personally I will not be spending any more of my hard earned money on this game and if things don't actually improve soon I think I shall be leaving completely - like many of my friends before me

    Trion, you need to LISTEN to the people who pay your wages - and by that I mean the players
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    Welcome to where many of us have been since this expansion came out. They wrecked the game and are either so understaffed or in denial or just dont care or some combo of the above that they just go radio silent rather than address anything of substance.

    Maybe you should go with the flow and get excited over hellbugs or a new dimension item on the store or the tweaking of health pools on raid bosses that came out almost a year ago. I dont know what to say anymore, but most of the people who cared deeply about this game are long gone on the player side.
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    It's not the end of rift.

    Btw You will eventually find the exact same things on every non trivial game. The grass is always greener until you learn more.

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    Default Not the end yet...... but getting closer every day

    I love rift as much as anyone but Trion consistently makes it hard to continue to do that. They have no sense of the player base cause if they did we would of had stuff fixed years ago and had new stuff - NOT REHASHED- but right now they seem to be too busy with Prime which IMO was a total waste of time and money.

    Right now we are hard pressed in most guilds to even be able to run BOS (which for most is repeatedly) because so many people have left cause they are tired of the "same sh..tuff, different day" scenario. We haven't had anything new in forever and we won't most likely till sometime in 2019 if even then, and no I don't consider IGSB to be new as it is just a rehash of old content that was a 20 man they are making a 10 man.

    Everything they say these days most people take with a grain of salt cause they either ignore what most of us post on these forums, send emails when you contact them saying they are working on stuff which they clearly are not, or give us no communication whatsoever which is just as bad as lieing and than trying to talk their way out of it on livestreams.

    Honestly like I said earlier I really do enjoy playing this game but it's gotten to the point I don't even want to log in anymore cause there is literally nothing to do. If it wasn't for my amazing guild (the ones that are left that is) and some of the friends I have made on here (looking at you nix lol) I would of been gone a long time ago.

    I wish everyone the best but yeah it's looking like we are reaching the end of the rift tunnel

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    Collecting feedback is ongoing and daily.
    However, Dev cannot make all things happen for all players, either due to technological limitations, lack of man-hours or simply because it does not fit the game design structure the team has laid out.

    Closing this thread. It is not constructive.

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