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    Quote Originally Posted by aileen View Post
    total online on prime was 149 like a hour ago when I'm posting this and 67 of it is levelling people, rest is level 50 and most of them are afking on capitals, and it's been like this for last 3 months on prime I never see more than 200 onlines there at all, most people bought yearly pack on prime launch.
    Damn. I didn't know it's that bad.

    Anyway. It seems that whoever is pulling strings for Rift atm (Archonix, Amary or Hartsman) that person has some serious issues with admitting to mistakes. Almost every big decision they made in the last 2 years (fragments, eternals, legendaries, Prime) turned out to be a failure and instead of dumping the idea they carry on. Rift is in downward spiral.

    So prime numbers are embarrassingly low and yet they are putting all their resources there

    Are you guys at Trion familiar with the idea of a stop loss ?
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    Overly optimistic people are usually creative and full of high spirit but they have one huge flaw. They become too complacent that even in failure they feel like they deserve to be rewarded and even to be double rewarded for fixing those failures since they are okay with failure. That is always why you need a yin to the yang. Someone who is OCD about perfection to keep them in check to balance out the equation. They would also have several contingency plans for each of the dooms day scenarios that are playing out in their head so those problems would be quickly rectified. Being more realistic than the overly optimistic person can be construed as pessimism but don't downgrade the power of pessimism either. It has its bright side too.
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    Default ..............

    Prime is THE cash cow, why would they ever divert resources to live, when you have people pumping in $15 per month into "old" content?

    LOL!! Prime is not the cash cow and never will be. Just because it cost for a sub doesn't mean it's the one making money. You obviously didn't take into account the patrons on live that went to prime because of the lack on content on Live which at this point is prolly the majority of the people on prime. Also the ones that spend money on the rift store for various items like dim stuff, the packs, wardrobe, etc. etc.

    Rift Live has always been the one to make the money and if Trion wouldn't of used those profits for their other games besides Rift over the years we would of gotten A LOT more than what we have up till now especially when said games didn't make any money. Unfortunately I don't think Trion learned that if a game can't stand on it's own for making money than keep dumping more money into it from another source and hope it works.

    Unless Trion hires some more people to work on JUST RIFT than I don't see anything new down the pipeline till at least late 2019 if even than and that is just sad. Like someone mentioned before Trion really doesn't deserve rift with the way they treat it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rgizil View Post
    Is this where I ask for Conquest?

    when Conquest was around the game was successful, I'm just saying
    One of things which made Conquest shine was having those PvP dailies out in the wilds ("glug, glug, glug, to the bottom of the well we go"), PvP rifts, and heavily populated warfronts (at all levels. Still miss level-locking as it could promote purer and better skills if not over-twinking) to supplement play. Or, joining in on zone events (which sometimes broke out into glorious war zones (via AoE splash infections), with the big boss yelling; "Hey, I'm still standing here!"), because the reward currencies also fed into getting what was needed for PvP. Or, heaven forbid, jumping in on basic raids for the kibbles and bits to fill out gear. "Always something cookin in Big Mama's kitchen"

    That last spring/summer of Storm Legion is still one of the golden memories of MMOs, from my perspective (Mother Nugs trying on the Overseer in a battle of words, and the air soon filled with pies, LOL). Gear started approaching parity (and the gap wasn't that big to start with, in hindsight), and skill, strategy, and tactics bubbled up when gear differences were < 5% spread. Glory days, and they are missed. (I blame WoW-cata for the general trend in stat blow-outs which divided communities into terrible schisms of "winner take all and everybody else die". Or, the very definition of toxic. But the comet policy of; "we tell you which classes to play and how, you don't tell us" doubled down on failing, and shut the doors on Big Mama's kitchen, replacing it with a ball of mud, IMO. But it is what it is...)
    Before Cata, every successul MMO (excluding Korean burners, where $$$ blazed the trail) tended toward parity over the lifecycle of each expansion, as the slow rollers started catching up over the life of each expansion (using what was listed above to catch up after work, school, etc. Could always burn the PvP dailies before work each morning, for instance). Became much harder to catch up after Cata-inspired stat gluttony took over all fields; "penny smart, but dollar dumb". Fragments, pffft, real Myth of the Sisyphus stuff. "Push that big rock Sisyphus and one day you may reach the top. But today is not that day, nor is any other, bruhaha!")
    Games were much better then, but we're older than that now. {waiting while modding the wheels off Skyrim, where anything and everything is still possible (don't like it? FIX it yourself. One month with Papyrus and you'll never complain about C++ again, EVER). Even the scintillating world of Skyrim After Dark. "Did you see THAT? What is that succubus doing? Who knew sleeping could start a fight?" And that bad, bad Mama-san ain't no whack-a-doodle, she's fifty shades of lethal. Chrome, trailer hitch, oh my. What? I'm dead, how? Oh, never mind...get skooma, and never sleep again!}

    Taken from the hostage negotiator's handbook: "Show us Signs of Life first. We can proceed from there after that's established". Lessons from the key of life...
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    Link to store credits at half price

    Trion once swore up and down that they would never, ever do this.... except, of course, now they have. This is another sign that Trion is desperate and Rift is on maintenance mode.

    *sigh*.. I miss old Rift.

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    Not sure how much longer the lights will stay on at the rate we are going...
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    Folks, it's time to close this thread, as it's descended from anything resembling constructive feedback to straight up doomcalling.

    BTW, there is an event coming to Live and Prime on Friday - hope it will keep you busy and entertained over the weekend!

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