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    Quote Originally Posted by Artewig View Post
    I left this game months ago and I still cannot understand your lackadaisical attitude towards losing customers. You are the Director of Community Relations. You serve as a public representative of Trion Worlds. You continually mock the concerns of players with your sarcastic responses, while continuing to reassure players that you are perfectly fine with them leaving.

    And guess what? They leave.

    That shouldn't be okay. You should want people to play your game and not someone else's. You should be concerned that your players, some of whom have played since beta, are losing interest in the game. Yes, it happens. Yes, players losing interest is a common occurrence in MMOs. Players come and go. But you are the Director of Community Relations and yet your perpetual public stance is that Trion Worlds is okay with this. That Trion Worlds does not care if their players leave for other games and companies. Because Trion Worlds does not care about the individuals. When is the last time you went out of your way to make a player feel wanted? See, change happens by large-scale outcry, yes. But that large-scale outcry comes from the individuals. If you ignore the individuals, if you tell them they can leave, they will.

    I'm not talking about Trion's development resources or time. I'm talking about your public approach. How you present Trion Worlds. Stop working against the players. Stop meeting every concern with a blanket excuse paired with a sarcastic comment. Stop dismissing legitimate concerns and most importantly, stop telling your customers they can leave.
    Well said, Artewig.

    What kind of revenue is coming in the door of Trion Worlds from dormant accounts? Is the corporate income on par or greater than it was 4 years ago?
    Evidently, showing the few players remaining to the door is acceptable by the CEO, whom of which has to answer to the stakeholders of Trion Inc.

    Perhaps, this along with wholesale changes in personnel would be in the better interest of corporate...

    And the team... Trion keeps canning peeps and peeps keep leaving the company, thus we get to experience Maintenance Mode Deluxe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seshatar View Post
    I think the HP issue isn't only relevant for iGSB, but for ALL future raids and expansions. Afaik they kinda hit the max. numbers in 32bit now, so they need to fix it to make any mobs with more HP. So yes, they NEED to fix it and on stream they said they WILL fix it, but they need time, as often there occur bugs, they solve them, and then there are new bugs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Skiye
    Technically that's correct, but RR said most of the conversion is done. Just the dev tools need updating. Once Prime gets SL Live will finally get attention.
    Thanks for the confirmation, but from what I got from the stream and forum comments from RR was that the process was just too difficult that it was being put on hold until they had more time on their hands. That was the vibe I got anyway.

    They did say on the previous stream IGSB was coming around November. I asked for a confirmation of that in the Q&A but didn't get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MissGreen View Post
    I'm not gonna write a wall of text here,
    but you just did
    Quote Originally Posted by MissGreen View Post
    <3 I will always take the years I've played this game to my grave regardless.
    amen. nothing can replace my rift experience. its a part of me, like your first crush, or your first pet, or the death of a close family friend (heavy emphasis on this particular experience)

    Quote Originally Posted by Drkirb View Post
    Hi. Individual here. In the entirety of Rifts life, I kept it installed and always had plans to return if I took a break. I came back today after seeing this comment linked on our group Facebook page. Your current roster, direction and YOU YOURSELF , BRASSE, are why I uninstalled the game for the first time since release and am never giving your company another dime.

    Rift is dead. Long live Rift.
    its simply atrocious. other game's GM's/Community-facing people might be standoff-ish and rarely interact, maybe for crucial subjects (like WoW's), or they mesh with their community, becoming a vital part of it (case in point : DE's (Warframe) Rebecca Ford. try to imagine Warframe without her. not possible.

    in NO other game have i seen a community MANAGER, of all people, talk down to the gamers, regardless of who they are or how they play the game.

    and the forum issue (you know PERFECTLY well about it) compounds the problem further.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maltie View Post
    Not really, this was the exact quote


    But I see nothing wrong with it
    nothing wrong with it??
    she treats raiders like non-entities.
    she wouldnt even have a cause to talk to them.... WHY? you dont want to interact with a crucial part of your playerbase? 5%? thats one out of twenty players.

    if you hate a section of your playerbase so much, then you really need to rethink the just why you're in the position you're holding.
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    I think a lot of this depends how you define raiders. Go back and look at the old leaderboards in the archives. There were lots of guilds - guardians and defiants - that were progressing hard back in the early days. As the game pop shrunk so to did the raider pop. PVPers got porked first, but raiders got it big time in recent years.

    I dont understand why any game would want to chase away big subsets of players - it makes little sense.

    We always billed our guild as "a raiding guild with a family feel or a family guild that raids" depending on where we were at raid wise at that moment. We had lots of raiders and non-raiders in our guild from beginning to the end. The only population that changed over time was PVPers as when we moved from Seastone to Faeblight many remained there or hung it up in Rift. We were the guild that would drop a raid to go kill defiants at Volan or leave HK to go whale on defiants as they took out a raid rift group our guild had running. Because we raided it meant we all needed to do the grinds (or almost all) so we did everything as a guild that Rift required. It helped more casual players and tied us all together as a team. We took on more casual players and guilds on pug runs, helping them learn the raid content (when we were in HK we took folks to our ROS and GSB runs etc or would let pugs come for the first few bosses of HK when no one needed gear from there anymore). To dismiss us as a guild or other raiders and raid guilds really feels quite silly.

    Raiders are a very important part of a MMO ecosystem, driving markets and facilitating progress and content completion for lots of other players who dont raid. The same is true of PVPers, but amazingly Rift has done all it can to chase those populations away with their decisions, remarks, and (real talk here) screwups over the last few years. The death spiral is of their own making and the fact that we even debate this shows how out of touch they are.

    Casual players were recruited into our guild whether they raided or not. They helped fill up our house, provided a crew to do stuff w when the rest of us were raiding, made our guild fun, and some became awesome raiders as they dipped a toe in. We followed this model for years and it amazed us at how many hardcore raid guilds suffered by not doing it. But it is far more amazing that the people who design this game and supposedly are industry leaders do not understand this basic aspect of life in MMOs. This isnt a new genre...
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    I see no answers here
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