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Thread: Comparison of ST Damage, HPS, THPS and APS of all classes after 4.5 Patch 7/11/2018

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    I love numbers as much as the next person, and these pages are fun, but I find the amount of importance people put on them wildly amusing. I am also amused that my parses still rate decently despite not having raided for months. I am hardly a bleeding edge raider. I guess that says more about teh state of Rift, but not going to de-rail.
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    Just imagine a bunch of Wienerdogs. But instead of being utilised for the hunt, they are kept in an apartment.
    Theyr instinct tells them to hunt something so they run in circles, hoping for an eventual future opportunities; slowly turning mad.

    Bos minmaxing litely is parrots picking theyr feathers.
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    Rift has always been that way even before rift had a dps meter, players were using ACT(advance combat tracker) to min/max their builds and to find broken OP specs.

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    I have reworked the navigation bar, each role can now be sorted by DPS or HPS. I also reworked the display of the Latest Uploads, you can now see the ST total damage done by the raid.

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