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    Quote Originally Posted by Balidin View Post
    The second boss is overturned and should be adjusted.

    The main problem my guild has is not the content itself but players. We have a major struggle filling our one raid to actually go anywhere. We don't raid weekends and are mostly older players so our potential pool of recruits is smaller. Saying this it is harder than any time I can remember here in the EU to recruit players.

    So what am I saying? The game needs content so that the playerbase might grow. The next patch needs content content content. Permanent, meaningful content. Players need something to do outside of raids - we do need another raid though don't get me wrong. We need 5 man group content to do. All specs and classes are looked at through the lens of raiding because that is the only PvE content that exists in Rift of any real meaning. Experts are just spawn runs to bosses, ignoring trash to kill said bosses that are themselves trash. Raid rifts are fine but are just zerg fests. I miss challenging 5 man content.
    Through blanket nerfs, gambling required and zero content delivery, there is no interest in growth of the playerbaase.

    On the topic of 5 man challenging... What ever became of the hard mode button? That item has been missing for some time now.

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    I don't have any problems with how things are working. There seem to be a lot of people asking for little changes here and there that mostly would be solved by having a bigger player base. all i want to see is maybe in the next couple of months you guys actually market your product.
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