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Thread: How do you Maximize your Minions?

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    Default How do you Maximize your Minions?

    I'm looking for your strategies that help you maximize minions and what they bring back as well as leveling, 15 min missions, anything minion related. Do you set an alarm and run them every 8 hours?

    What's your leet strat?

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    Hey there. I love minions. I have 209 and all but one is currently level 25.

    For leveling, use 1 minute missions. Claim and send 'em out again as quickly as possible. It's a bit tedious but best stamina for XP available. It's best to have at least 1 match to the mission but the amount of match is unimportant. 625 xp for a match. 610 xp for not a match.

    For quick adventurine, use the 5-15 minutes missions. The rewards in mats and such is not super fancy. The adventurine amounts seem small (1 for each star), but it adds up more quickly. Now, I have 6 minion slots and over 200 minions so I can keep lots going at the same time. This may not be a good strategy for folks with only 1 minion slot.

    The 8 hour missions are great for "overnight" or "while I'm at work". I usually claim and resend my guys in the morning before work. After work I claim them and play with the other options (like 1 minute to level and so on). The before bed, I send 'em all out again on long missions. The 4 hour missions bring the best loots, in my opinion.

    It's important to note that matching your minion to the mission is best for all quests - like I mentioned about 1 minute missions. However, for the other missions, the better your match the greater your chance of a good return. They best match you can have is a total of 25. For example, the mission may have Assassination (dagger) and Air (swirly air puff). Your best chance of a good return is a minion that has those two stats and scores a total of 25 between those two - 7 Assassination plus 18 Air (for example). If you don't have 25 point combos, use the highest combo you have. This is not a guarantee of a successful mission because there is still some RNG in there, but it's better. I like to think of it as a random d100 roll with my minion stats added on. Obviously +25 is way better than +10.

    I hope that gives you some ideas and you find something that works for you. Also, as a note - your minions bring back stuff appropriate to the level of the character claiming the reward. So a level 70 character will get Starweave Cloth, but a level 30 character will get Cotton Cloth, etc.

    Good luck.

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    I don't. I only have 2 slots, though plenty of max level minions, and I won't spend Plat/REX/Credits on slots for this yet. I'll start caring once I have at least 1-2 more slots open and thus an easier Adventurine (or whatever its called) acquisition.

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    Hi Sanjia,

    I currently have 125 minions and 1 left at lvl 23 right now, all other max'ed out to 25. I'm using 5 mission slots so I can have 5 minions busy in parallel at any given time. You should always have your mission slots occupied : it harvests xp for the minions on mission (up to lvl 25) as well as loot items and aventurine, which is necessary for the Prime missions.

    My strategy depends on if I want to level up minions (1) or to obtain the best return (2).
    > In case (1) I'll select minions with the lowest level that matches at least one requested mission's affinitiy. If no low level (< 25) minion is available typically because all their energy is depleted or they're already on a mission, I'm selecting a level 25 minion instead.
    > In case (2) I'll select a level 25 minion matching possibly both affinities of the mission, exactly as described by SonoMoenia.

    • When I play I send minions to Short missions (5-10-15 mins) -- I don't use 1 min missions which are too distracting from the rest of the game play for me
    • During long absences I send best match of lvl 25 Minions to Long missions (8h-10h)
    • When I have about 4h absence and/or much Aventurine, I rather select best match lvl 25 Minions to Prime missions (4h) which give the best loot while consume Aventurines -- the other mission duration will take care of replenishing the Aventuring (up to its cap of 5000).

    Last but not least I'm using a very handy add-on named Minion Sender where you can set up your preferred strategy in a few clicks. When missions come to an end a simple click on the add-on icon collects the loot to your bags and another click will let the add-on automatically send the best availabe minion to the next mission. A real time saver especially if you prefer focusing on playing the game and want to minimise the overhead in managing the missions of the minions and their grinding to lvl 25.

    Hope this will help!
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    I always just run the 5/15min missions, since the minions might as well return something that can be used or sold.

    I can heavily recommend buying the remaining slots for the minions compared to other stuff in Rift. 6 minions on a 8 hour trip during your sleep can be helpful with crafting materials etc. and generates a fair amount of Aventurine.

    I'm around 180+ minions and all are level 25.

    Last, but not least, try get the MinionSender addon. This is a very helpful tool to autoselect missions based on minion stats and much more.
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