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Thread: A Weapons Thirst / Mortal Edge

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    Default A Weapons Thirst / Mortal Edge

    What do you have to do for this quest?? A WEAPONS THIRST

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brilliant View Post
    What do you have to do for this quest?? A WEAPONS THIRST
    I don't remember this one was since i completed it, however there will either be a quest guy in the room where the crafting area is that will give you a QUEST, OR, you will need to go to the guy in Xarth Mire - where you started the quest and he will have a portal quest to go in. I think the weapon's thirst though is in the room where the crafting dailies are.

    He either sends you out to do something like 20 particles, or else he sends you out through the portal in that room to kill a bunch of mobs and then a little mini boss thing.

    I think its a little confusing because it doesn't show it on the map.. I wish they could add that to the map, so people know where it is. I see people asking about it all the time in cross-events. Good luck !
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    did you check the upgrade path for your weapon?

    each upgrade path is/was particles and/or kill stuff. Wicket minion is no longer part of the chain, but once you reach the point in upgrade where it would have gotten the minion, you can collect it (think the guy for that is still in Taranis)

    The particles part is a quest you get from npc (xarth or alittu near the weekly crift quest giver)
    the kill part is just what you do.
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