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Thread: So where did you loose your Rift?

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    I lost my rift after that last disgusting live stream where once again we were made to be the fools by the people who we pay our money to.

    No content but plenty of laughs and patting a stupid dog.

    What a joke

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    - Planar Fragments
    - Eternal Weapons
    - Legendaries

    They keep adding more stat padding features instead of just sticking to what we see in the character tab (Armor, Weapons, Jewelry etc). Balance was much better before the above features got added. It was probably a lot easier to balance souls and content aswell.
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    Default Neglect

    I played since launch and stopped last November.

    I lost a lot of my interest in Rift when PVP got neglected. The drop that pushed me away was SFP. When SFP launched the Rift world literally became smaller.

    The neglect to the Cleric class also didn't help.

    So actually just due to one thing: all the neglect.

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    I'd say the "big changes" to PvP which we were promised right before the Nightmare Tide expansion. I tried to enjoy it. Even the PvE crowd hated it. I played for a month or 2 last year to see how things were, still didn't enjoy it.

    I just feel the game has no solid direction or even identity.

    Now I just read over the forums on occasion for Rift entertainment.

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    Default livestreams only served to make me dislike them

    Quote Originally Posted by Perisemiotics View Post
    SFP expansion contraction was the turning point for me. There were plenty of problems through NT but the content was still engaging and managing of the game was decent, and I personally loved the Plane of Water and Nightmare storylines, rifts and raids... somehow SFP was so abruptly underwhelming, it took me a few weeks to fully accept that was all there was to it.

    The removal of most warfronts at the time, the absolutely $hitty implementation of fragments, the abhorrent cash shop practices... but what really sent me away was, and has been, how Trion communicates with us players: ignoring and/or making the core issues and requests seem irrelevant, arrogantly denying us the merit of our first-hand experience as long-time players (not just of Rift but several other titles) and paying customers of their product, and arrogating themselves the coolness of making fun of players' concerns with inside jokes and personal views that conveyed, above all, lack of professionalism.
    Nothing personal against anyone - many of you have been here since Day 1 and I have no doubt you are extremely talented for creating this masterpiece of a game, but... the managing of this game, on all levels, has been utterly undeserving of its name.

    What part of production/direction/funding is at a fault, is for you to figure out. Your competition is doing an infinitely better job than you.
    This. The way they communicate with the player base is terrible. And the unprofessional livestreams, under the guise of "having fun", poking fun at their own players, just bugs me.
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    Default Gonna hide this here

    I lost my Rift when I subbed to Rift Crime...I mean Prime. I let myself believe they could do a classic server and would provide the same fun at release, even though they told us it would not be that way. I fooled myself and after 3 months I'm done.

    Also, here is some satire for you enjoyment (the latest patch is John Cusack, btw)


    It's 10:54 CT, lets see how long it takes the mods to take this down for hurting the devs feelings. It's not trolling, it's elaborate honesty...
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    Far greater, and ahead of other gaming/content ideas, RIFT has so much potential, yet so little effort toward obvious fixes and "implementation" tagged with incentive. The start at RIFT in the beginning stages was awesome.. I cannot begin to explain the feeling of logging in to my "Toon"
    after irL works and errands. Was like entering a real world of your own.. But with mystical/mythical powers and fantasy.. Amazing graphics, needs no explanation, there were so many players online.. Friends, enemies, you name it.. Excuse my English but it was friggen awesome.

    One main thing I love about RIFT/Developer strat is the idea of keeping the historical "skill Tree" or talent tree if you pref. This system was removed by a few other MMO's, very popular ones at that.. But RIFT decided to keep it, easily pitting against all new odds.. Was a bold move in my opinion, a smart one too.

    They have a way of.. setting them selves aside from the rest I must say..

    I'm guilty of vanishing from this world from time to time, but I must admit, returning is a bittersweet.

    ending Note: "Live server" should have a sense of priority over "prime".. Just my thoughts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Innomorata View Post
    This. The way they communicate with the player base is terrible. And the unprofessional livestreams, under the guise of "having fun", poking fun at their own players, just bugs me.
    I never understood how or why they did livestreams like that. Seems so counterproductive.
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    I lost my deep respect and love of the game the first time they decided to rehash an old raid and call it new content . That just speaks laziness and a lack of imagination to me . Now we still see them talking about more rehashed raids on top of all the added grinding and RNG . My Patron ran out just as the fantastic job of soul balancing hit live , needless to say I was at least given an easy , nobrainer choice whether to renew my Subscription or not..............

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    I lost my RIFT slowly. As someone said previously, as stupid as it sounds, fall damage. I liked that feeling of maybe not paying attention and oh no i'm falling off a cliff and dead..

    The lost of CQ, the PvP soul and PvP RIFTS.

    Even things like artifacts. I love artifacts but all of a sudden with the burning and poison etc.. it's too much of a good thing and lost interest in collecting.. it was an over saturation of them.
    Lock boxes.. how I detest them. Locked behind a stupid lock box were mounts I would have gladly paid for out right. I was not going to gamble and waste a lot of money on that so I had to watch and envy as others got the mounts. I lost a little more interest there.

    Free to play, I was excited for at first but soon found out the toxicity that came with it.

    The live streams I enjoyed at first with Elrar too.. soon I stopped watching those. At least, once every so often.

    Was a lot of little things that built up and up. The thing that finally cut my ties where I felt I don't want any part of this anymore, I'm not even going to try was the loss of 20 man raiding. That was it. I was done. In the end that's all I was logging in for anymore and then that was gone.
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    I was a hard core raider in WoW for five years, finally quitting when Blizzard scraped together stray unrelated scraps, that were lying around in the files and filing cabinets, and called it Cataclysm.

    I am Quille of many names.

    I have been playing Rift since the original beta.

    I love Rift, I love the Devs, and I will return again and again, to the place where I built close to 100 characters between two accounts, and at one point, raided on up to 14 of them a week, exploring almost but not quite, every quest and location on the maps, building several elaborate Dims, and collaborating on others...

    According to news releases from Trion, they spent $50 million over seven years, on development of the original release of Rift. An average of $7 million a year... Trion said that they recouped that, along with the projected income for the following year, in pre-orders alone.

    There were issues with infrastructure behind the action, and then there is the ongoing mystery of why a multi-million dollar corporation has never hired a proofreader to correct glaring typos... But the story and the art and the play in Rift, far outweighed the unfinished bits.

    Trion made a LOT of money... But somehow, they never seemed to spend much of it on Rift.

    And the forums for other Trion game titles, sound like ours.

    Trion management has left increasingly bewildered players, asking why the great game they love, so profitable that it financed other ventures, is being blatantly budget-strangled to death...

    Somehow the Rift Devs, bless their hearts, have continued to create magic despite the relentless cuts to staff over the years, and what must be inhuman pressure to make impossible deadlines. Time after time, when even the most devoted players began to post eulogies to Rift in the forums, they have miraculously pulled another rabbit out of the hat.

    I do not lay any of the disappointments at the feet of the Development team. Instead, I hope everyone will join me in thanking them and bless them.

    They are the Heroes of Telara.
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    I met my wife of 7 years on this game. Knocked her up just 2 months after Rift came out and we decided to be crazy and just get married 4 months after the game released. We met in March of 2011 lol. It pains us to see this game just fall apart.
    I lost my Rift when they dumbed down the warrior classes so severely because plebs couldn't handle more than a few skills.

    But ive always tried to come back. I get on a couple times a year now and play for a month or 2. My wife and I ran a guild called douevenrift right after the game went F2P. We stopped after 6 months or so. Game is so stale.

    I re lost my Rift each time i came back and saw the lame, repetitive stale animations for melee classes and the lame, boring, particle lacking spells. What the hell is Trion thinking. Im so sick of cheap, crappy devs who put no effort in their MMOs when they aren't WoW level successful after a few months. Upgrade your damn engine and animations already!!!

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    - overgrinding/repit. gameplay
    - of course design of some areas / monsters/ npcs / souls/ interface (Trion look at des. Gw2
    and Wow: those duds know how create wide, "really open", authentic, very atmospheric and epic areas etc.)
    For me there is to many cyborgs, androids, battlemechs(wich looks very futuristic) and ...speaking animals.
    - lack attention on pvp
    - animation and music(hmmm not very "inspiring" and boring, sometimes monotonic)
    Thats my reasons .. BUT i should respest Trion devs: they tried to make someting unusual for modern mmorpgs - deep, varyable character dev. system and dynamic world..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verrliit View Post
    and then there is the ongoing mystery of why a multi-million dollar corporation has never hired a proofreader to correct glaring typos...
    As an unemployed editor/proofreader, I can answer that: because nobody cares enough to pay for it. Why dump resources into something that's always included for free with the main product? Might as well have someone from another department come up with something in five minutes right before they leave for the day.

    Rift is lucky to have even that level of attention in its writing. The company I used to work for laid off all but one of its writers, and much of the documentation (on a complex, highly technical product) is now handled by engineers who aren't trained to write, don't have time to write, and don't even speak English as their first language.

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    I lost it right after the mass nerf and gambling is still forced upon us on a grand scale.
    On sabbatical for the foreseeable future.

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