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Thread: So, as a paying customer, i have a few questions.....

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    Default So, as a paying customer, i have a few questions.....

    This isnt to be a bash on trion or anyone post.

    This isnt to start flames or arguments or anything.

    As a paying customer, we are not being delivered what we are promised.

    What we want?
    Balance. Fragments. Content.

    What we get?
    Prime, challenges, fluff.

    Seriously, Balance has been talked about for over a year. Same with fragments.

    Time to get it off the radar and into the work queue.

    Just think Trion, if you did it, you might save prime, keep some players, and be back to making money again.


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    They've already started rolling out balance changes. There's more being worked on. Fragments are, best we can tell, currently being worked on. Trion has stated that content is coming late summer/after summer. They've even explained why (adding new content onto a badly balanced game is going to make balance worse).

    Prime was something that people had asked for, not everyone, but it's impossible to make everyone happy at once. I don't know much regarding the challenges but they seem like a good idea to me. I imagine they're easy to implement and at least some people seem to like them, I'd love to see them on Live.

    Lastly, I happen to enjoy fluff. I imagine a lot of what you don't like you'd call fluff, fine. But at least some of it I'd call content. I play through it, I enjoy it. That's exactly the point of me even logging into Rift, to enjoy it. There's nothing wrong with some casual content, heck without it myself and others would be less likely to play, and to give Trion money.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shibi View Post
    It's oft said, and I do paraphrase, that Trion could mail people $100 each and some would complain on the forums that it should have been more.
    Quote Originally Posted by Alyn View Post
    Hey folks,
    Just dropping in a reminder to ensure your posts are on topic, civil and constructive.

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    Default Solution

    Do what I did, terminate your patron status. You can always "re-up" if something improves. If it doesn't, you are out $0 and you can fluff till your heart's content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryaad View Post
    (...) They've even explained why (adding new content onto a badly balanced game is going to make balance worse).
    As they have, more than once in the past, justified delaying balancing because of "new" content. That's the problem with their arguments, they serve to explain every or any thing and thus explain nothing.

    (They could indeed, however, add many types of new content regardless, if only they wanted to.)

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