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Thread: Moving crate in dimensions

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    Default Moving crate in dimensions

    Maybe the Devs thought it was a great idea but automatically packing up a dimension if you activate another is a horrible idea. I activated a new one , didn't like it and went back to the original one and all my items were gone. All weekend long I was baffled on how anyone could do that when all the permissions were just look. I by chance found the moving crate and saw everything there, when I never packed anything up. At least give an option of packing up because what looked great in faen's retreat isn't going to look good in another. If you are going to offer more then one dimension but don't want to crowd the servers with people having many of them filled, don't offer that. I don't even want to place all again. Thanks for ruining the experience for me.

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    If you don't want them in the moving crate either remove the items before you change out dims or take them out of the moving crate and put them in your inventory after changing dims. I'm not sure what the issue here is?
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    Or buy another dimension slot that you can use just to preview dimensions. I don't remember how expensive new dimension slots are but I think it is quite reasonable.

    P.S. I do think there should be a warning that the dimension will be destroyed and items placed in a storage crate when you attempt to over write a dimension (again this could already be in the game but I haven't overwritten a dimension in awhile so I am not sure).
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