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    Lightbulb Official Feedback Thread: Should Conquests Make a Comeback?

    Hey Ascended,

    During today's 6/1 livestream, we discussed Conquests in RIFT and promised to make an official thread to get your opinions on 'em. Should Conquests make a comeback? Should they be for live or Prime or both? What would you change about them? Let us know in the thread below!

    Note that we're not guaranteeing that they'll make a comeback but we'll consider it with your input.

    Thank you,

    -RIFT Team

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    Yes, but only the stillmoor version, Infinity Steppes CQ was... awful....

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    Yes to CQ
    Yes to premades in CQ
    No to CQ power or any PVE benefits from CQ
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    NO, PvP is dead since 4.0!

    Eternals, Legendaries, Balancing... nuff said.
    Only reason to do CQ would be if you introduce a BiS PvE-Item. (After everybody farmed the BiS Library runes on Prime, PvP was gone)
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    CQ should only come after solving current active issues of both prime and live, both realms having active player crisis unless you solve this CQ won't bring anything good but more complaints.
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    I am of the opinion that it's not worth bringing back, at least not for Live. Raiders and PvPers are the minority of this game and even more so in the last 2 years and even more especially in the last few months, including yesterdays letter with many jumping ship completely. This leaves a very tiny population of players that would even bother to jump into it and even then (as Keepro mentioned) there's no incentive to jump in. Part of why so many more people PvPed in Nightmare Tide is because it would drop stuff for PvE like CP essences and raid marks that would help you cap out each week. The problem with that is it felt like you were forced into PvP when you had no desire to do so in the first place vs it being an actual incentive.

    It's extremely difficult to even fill 10 mans on the raiding side of things right now unless you're in a guild or have a group of people that can clear BoS in 30-45min every week. There's not enough players for guilds to even recruit. I bring this up because even if you scaled Conquest down to 10 v 10 v 10 and made the map smaller, as of right now there's just no population to even fill that. Making it limited to 2 days a week or anything similar will just piss off the few people that actually want to do it because they can't play very long for those days which just throws more salt into peoples wounds.

    If you do bring it back someday, it needs to be after these are fixed which I know is in the process of happning:

    1. Class balance - This is at the core of everything that makes the game fun or terrible in every aspect. If it's not done well or kept up on as a higher priority than it has been in the last year then the game doesn't have a very bright future.

    2. Itemization - Dps and HP is starting to get too inflated which would make any raid you released in the near future a disaster. Eternal weapon procs contribute to this as well.

    3. PvP Bolstering - Not sure if that's the best word to describe this scenario, but in my 7 years of playing Rift, the #1 reason I've seen many specs get nerfed is because of PvPers complaining. I understand and get that it's not fun to be destroyed by certain specs/classes, but the community as a whole ends up being punished/affected by these nerfs and it really needs to stop. This leads to many souls being unusable in raids when the whole goal is to have every soul be viable in a raid setting, with certain ones just being higher than the other so that people can play in whatever style they perfer. That has yet to ever happen in this game and I personally feel like the set backs are in part because of this reason.

    Find a way to deal with the issue without it affecting PvE performance before you release anymore PvP related content.
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    Conquest kept me playing Rift for over a year when I might have otherwise moved on. I miss it, and would love to see a re-run. As it is, I am currently forced to play other games for my large scale PvP fix. I might agree with the previous posters IF conquest was a major development time sink, but the core mechanics have already been developed and probably just need some tweeks to bring back.

    I would like to see Conquest on both LIVE and PRIME. I would say run it once every Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon and evening. You could alternate the LIVE/PRIME schedule so avid Conquest fans could attend matches on both servers. Make sure you add a decent reward for maximum participation, but dont force PvE'ers to attend.
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    This shouldn't even currently be a topic of discussion to be honest.
    Just like there is zero reason to add more PvE content until class balance is much better, the same applies to PvP. Adding in more PvP content makes zero sense when class balance is abysmal and bolstering is still crazy out of whack, on live certain slots are better filled with lvl 65 gear at lvl 70 to get the best stats...

    Balancing and getting bolstering to actually work should be a much higher priority then bringing back CQ.

    I loved to pvp back in the day, but I wasn't ever truly a fan of CQ. completely unbalanced match making, pve tower farm simulator had zero appeal to me. played TONS of games on both sides of the premade slaughterfest, it never felt fun or rewarding. The forced PvE aspects of it back in the day for cq power was the worst forcing people into game play situations they had zero desire to take part in.

    I understand some people enjoyed it, despite it's many many flaws. I don't think my lack of enjoying something should ever stop someone else from doing it. I do think, however, there are many more things that should be taken care of before we are even thinking about doing something like this.

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    I don't care one way or the other. What would bother me is if I feel compelled to have to do CQ to get some benefit for some other part in the game. This is probably the same resentment that PVP'ers would/do feel if they are required to raid or dungeon to get effective gear for PVP. Some people like PVP and some don't. So the ones who stay away from it shouldn't be forced to do it (and vice versa).

    This is similar yet different to the situation where some people like and are good at jumping puzzles and some aren't and don't like them. So the ones who avoid them end up getting forced to do them to upgrade a weapon, for example, end up resenting the process and finding another game.

    On a related note, if CQ comes back, it will strike me very similar to the thought process behind Prime (from my perspective anyway). A minority wanted it (as far as I can tell) and Trion ends up listening to the minority and it ends up being the wrong decision. But that's my opinion - others are sure to disagree with me.

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    CQ was in its final days farmed by a premade that would simply dominate the rest of the PUG players that attempted to enjoy it

    it gave out a reward that would be camped like fort knox by the losers hoping to prevent the winners from looting it

    the reward itself at the end of it all was more useful for PvE benefits making it candy to the premade that was exclusively farming every iteration of the event making it an elitist farm that put the elitists ahead of anyone else precluding any competition in the game from ever challenging them at anything

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    I'd like to propose what i said way back in the day when Conquest was just a glint in a Dev's eye, you have three Keeps in Stillmoor, three Factions, make it an 'attack and defend' style battleground, first Faction to capture two of the other Keeps win, borrow the ArcheAge style of capturing/destroying the Keep's "sword"

    You could have players building siege engines, game already has working, wooden catapults in game, even in Stillmoor so you could have players not that interested in the PvP side but can help out by cutting trees for wood, mining stone to repair walls/battlements, you could even incorporate the Zone Event from Stillmoor where Defiants/Guardians race to summon their Faction 'boss' to help out, add in some NPC monster bosses, spice it up.

    Wouldn't be too keen on the old style of Conquest coming back, it ended up just been PvE (Players Vs Extractors) and if the proposed boost everyone (at least on Prime) to level 50 happened, make it so no premades at all could form, not even 5-man groups, make it totally random what Faction you get joined to so level 10's can at least get joined to a fair fight.

    If not, it will just end up as some posters already noted, self declared General Eisenhowers forming their own little premades running around "farming the newbs for the lulz", thanks but no thanks to that form of Conquest.
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    I think bringing it back could be a good thing for both live and prime with no premades. I would offer in game currency for the winning team and I would up the numbers on those so that people actually attend them and feel rewarded Also some type of reward for those that participate in cq, because no one wants to go there for nothing. I think honestly it should have been back up and running for when Prime launched, I think it would have helped to keep people around. I do think that even though it may be a bit late, it still can help the overall growth of the game. For myself, I loved it and had a blast the short time I did get to play in there.

    Lots of great ideas here in this post, I would give a shot because ya never know..I mean ya gotta try it out to see how it's gonna go before truly making a definite decision of yes or no. I say bring it back and go from there. I don't think people are gonna be upset about another thing to do in the game, but make it worth our while.
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    Default CQ

    (Speaking only for Live) This is a nice idea in concept but it could prove to be more trouble than it's worth at this point. In the past I participated in thousands of warfronts and CQ and I have all but 2 warfront achievements in the game (not including the newest warfront).

    Here is just a short list of hurdles that must be overcome before this can be taken seriously: too many pvp specs are still unbalanced, pvp gear has been the same for the last year and a half (it needs ANY form of update), NMT gear is still BIS in some gear slots after bolstering (this was reported at the beginning of this expansion and still remains the same) , the number of regular pvpers (the ones who pvp daily) on NA is probably well under one hundred at this point (typically only 1-2 wf's running at any given time), etc.

    There is also the issue of premade groups being allowed. I can only assume this is an attempt to bring back players. However, after such a long drought of CQ being disabled, i'm not sure how many will return just because of it's return. Many of the players being targeted for a return would more than likely want to return to the "glory days" of CQ with mass amounts of players working together. Many old time players enjoyed playing specific roles in premade for the betterment of the group. I'm unsure how players now would react to a group working in unison after their first wipe.

    This is how the whole premade vs no premade issue started but, ultimately, it doesn't matter what the decision is on premade groups. Before it was shut down, CQ could be won quickly by a group of 5 players running to cap points on the map solo. This not only shows a lack of interest but also a lack of fight. A group of five players should not be able to control Stillmoor by solo capping points. In truth, the lack of fight stemmed from the lack of interest which stemmed from CQ rewards being utterly useless once T2 raids came out in NMT.

    Tl:dr - if there is to be a serious thought process about bringing CQ back as a way to keep the player base from shrinking further, a multitude of issues brought to light by pvp'ers over the last 3 years have to be addressed first. An actual, real, legitimate incentive to win CQ must be included or this push will fall flat. My only suggestion for these would be along the lines of cosmetic items (CQ exclusive wardrobes/ mounts/ titles) or something to benefit those who prefer pve but will step up to the plate for something like storm cells or being able to pick the suffix of an item . Also, if an approach like this is taken, please just place two chests at the eye and allow the winners to choose which award they want - the pvp or pve box.
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    I used to play a lot of CQ.
    I would love to see it come back to both Live and Prime.Just make it open specific times the week.
    The changes Slipmat suggested in the post before are awesome , but i don't know if u can make them happen.

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