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    Default oh yes!...

    Please do bring Conquest back - but only with fall damage.
    (Just so you don't have to make another joke about how technically hard and fund-needy it is to run a game with non-dysfunctional physics).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Refuge View Post
    PvP would die in this game without an overall objective of getting stronger, it's as simple as that. If you PvP enough in this game you'll notice that the long lasting better players only enjoy it because they get an advantage from time invested. Sounds negative, but there you go, it's the truth, they don't particularly want to be on an even playing field. They wouldn't play this game if that was the case! Fragments right now is the true grind.

    Rewards can't be rankings/winrate/leaderboards as that would just get exploited. Possibly cosmetics, but that's also Dev investment.
    The concept of people wanting to be rewarded for their time isn't alien to me, but with PvP being such a variable experience if you don't standardize things in some manner, you can have experiences ranging from the most fun someone could have in the game to the most miserable experience ever at no real fault to the player.

    That said, I believe there's an inherent toxicity in not just wanting to defeat your enemies, but to decimate them. When that happens when the playing field is level, then yes, you can look to the losing side and assert it's more about skill and strategy. On the other hand, when decimation is achieved because the mathematical advantages of the victors eclipsed the losers despite good technique and cooperation, you breed a cycle where enough defeats translate to people not even wanting to try. This then spirals into queues taking longer to fill, not as much PvP happening, and basically everyone losing out because that desire for an advantage has a selfish, long term cost.

    If I'm being dreadfully honest, PvP is best in games where that has been the focus from the start. This has never really been the case for MMOs, or even ARPGs, as the PvE experience is and always has been important, if not more so. And no, there being two factions in lore isn't enough of a start. If PvP adjustments affect PvE, people will complain, and vice versa. Some sort of PvP Resurrection here that "brings a lot of people back" is something I'm going to boldly assert can not and will not happen. Rift is an old game. It's current selling point being "Do the old stuff all over again!" via Prime isn't really going to endear folks that weren't already fans, either. You've got games like Overwatch and League of Legends that pretty much focus on PvP exclusively, while other MMOs out there like Guild Wars 2 put more attention and care into the mode(s) for a more robust experience than what Rift has presented to date. For many, first impressions have come and gone, with second chances being hard to get. There's also the competitive fighting game scene, which doesn't need to be rewarding winners with in-game advantages to still thrive.

    This isn't me saying Trion should abandon PvP, but devoting significant resources toward large-scale PvP content is a hell of a gamble when the dead horse they're trying to revive had issues while it was a thing. And my more general philosophy is that if you have to bribe people with loot in order for them to do content repeatedly, the content is not ready for public consumption. And yes, I include PvE activities in such a critique, too. I've had no shortage of being unhappy with the "raid scene" in MMOs here in the past, but that's another topic. If Trion can't make fighting other players consistently fun and fair, it's not worth wasting time and resources on.

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    Yes Cq should make a return stillmoor 20mans premades but fix the queue one pre-made each side not 3 on same side.. Like before

    before this can happen.....
    Give us a cq armor set to work towards with Valor/vengeance back! This would re-populate the wfs bring cq power back and reward tower frags need a reason for non pvpers to be there to fill the raids and who knows maybe new players will enjoy it.

    This would make sooo many unused souls back useful like cabby ... I used to take 3 of them to watch raids explode!

    I look forward to re-learning to lead and leading you all to victory


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