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    SOUL: Farseer
    LA: Thread of Fate
    Pros: 2 Fate stacking and 10% healing boost
    Cons: Sometimes broke the 2 other fate if use along side them : Impending Fate don't do bonus healing and Delayed Fate don't give the percent healing bonus.
    And sometimes everything is alright.
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    Quote Originally Posted by notawaifu View Post
    Elemental Forces is only strong because of the Eternal Weapon. Thus the problem is not the Legendary - it is the weapon. The enabler is often worse than the drug.
    What are you talking about? Mage is the weakest dps in game outside of warriors. Ele is the only viable dps spec and ST its only ahead of warriors.

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    Cleric: Purifier: Legendary Flame of Life does not stack with Primalist: Titan: Temper

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