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    I hope the next world event has a trick or trick rift with double the rng.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokken` View Post
    Can you just please tell us the truth so we can move on ?

    You keep telling us that "you are not done with live" or "prime won`t affect live once it`s up" but your actions prove otherwise.

    I`ve been a loyal subscriber/patron since closed beta 4 and from my personal point of view I can tell that Rift Live is dying.

    It`s never been that bad. Ever. I was always a PvP/PvE player (started as pure PvP) so stages where we didn`t have much to do in PvE weren`t that bad beacuse I could always do PvP (WF, Conq, World PvP). PvP is dead so I can`t even do that.

    I`m not gonna list all the issues with Rift Live. They have been posted here many times.

    My year sub will run out in 20 days. For the first time in 7 years I`m seriously thinking about canceling it.

    I am like you, been here since beta; played only 721 days on just one of my level 70 guys.; My Patron status which I have had as you, from the get-go. I have less than 90 days left in Patron; at this point I do not see me renewing. I should depart now, but I want to use up what I paid for. If Trion wants to end this game, wish they would give us a year warning; no point in purchasing more crap when nothing is new really besides a ^another ugly mount^ same, just a different color lol... They take away stuff that is useful like Planewalker's call or nightmare Black dye plus this & that. Oh well; another day mostly afk
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    This is what has been done on live since August one. Seems pretty telling...

    Default RIFT 4.5: Hotfix #10 09/06/18
    NA/EU UPDATE - 09/06/18 ALL SHARDS, 07:30 PDT (14:30 UTC), 3 Hours


    - Fixed the root cause of shard hop failures experienced after server restarts. HOP TO IT!

    - Improved our ability to transfer characters with incredibly large numbers of Dimension items. We hope to be featured on an episode of Hoarders soon!

    - Fixed an issue with non-English keyboards being unable to output certain characters to chat. Let us know how Klingon keyboards work now.

    - Ascended on LIVE servers will no longer be force-mentored to level 50 when entering Rise of the Phoenix and Primeval Feast slivers. Y'all on PRIME will be set to level 50.


    Attracted by all the hopping, Hellbugs have returned to Telara!

    RIFT 4.5: Hotfix #9 8/16/2018

    An issue that was preventing owners of the previous Ashen Greathoud mount from buying any Greathound mounts has been corrected.
    The dimension Fox Pack has been fixed so it can properly swap between the two settings.
    The new Dog Days dimension NPCs are now giftable.

    RIFT 4.5: Hotfix #8 8/15/2018

    The Dog Days of Summer sale has arrived! For a limited time, the new Grey Greathound mount can be yours! Also featured are previous Greathound mounts, new Companion Pets, and new Dimension NPCs!
    Gear boxes from the Utilla Resistance Quartermaster are now BoA.

    Bastion of Steel
    Commander Isiel and Vindicator Mk1 have had minor reductions to their outgoing damage and health totals.

    RIFT 4.5: Hotfix #6 8/3/2018

    Call-to-Action Hellbug Event
    All four of the Hellbug dailies (two in Sanctum, two in Meridian) will now reward 10 chaos motes upon completion.

    RIFT 4.5: Hotfix #5 8/1/2018

    The last four days of the Daily Login Rewards Calendar have been updated, including a random mount on the 21st day.
    Call to Action
    A Call to Action has been issued to the Ascended to deal with the sudden appearance of Hellbugs throughout Telara.
    Grim Remembrance
    The merchants from Grim Remembrance will hang around for an extra week to give Ascended the chance to spend their currencies.
    The weapons from the Grim Remembrance merchant now have equip requirements that match the displayed level of the items on the vendors. Characters with over-leveled weapons currently equipped will find these items unequipped.
    Summerfest has been extended by one week! It will now end on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 instead of August 2, 2018.
    The plat cost of the dimension items added to the store last week have been reduced by 75%.

    • Corrected the Spectral Carriage mount’s description to no longer mistakenly list itself as a 160% speed mount. This only applies to the direct purchased version in the Summerfest section of the RIFT store. Older Spectral Carriages from lockboxes are not affected.
    Fixed an issue with the “In the Image of my Enemy” quest in Droughtlands where the Saboteur Time Bomb Catalyst buff could remove the disguise needed for the quest.
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    All right folks, this thread has been going on since April, and through a bunch of new content and quality of life patches. We appreciate all your input and thoughts!
    It is a fact that we cannot fulfill everyone's hopes and dreams for the game, but we have a widely varied player base to serve and a TON of content created over seven years to serve as much of our loyal players as we can.

    Tune in to this Friday's Livestream for the new info on Primeval Feast and other topics, then feel free to start a new thread!

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