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Thread: Tenebrean Engine

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    I actually have the opposite problem. I get upgrade components for gear I don't have. I have a few engines...and I don't own a single thing I can use them on. I'll probably vendor them eventually.

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    Maybe Trion can make a monthly quest for the engines...

    There is the patron sparkle monthly, so quests based on monthly turn in can be made.

    So why not make a monthly quest for all.. something like

    run TDez x3
    run TDnm x3
    run Qf x3 in a month and get 3 engines as reward.

    Doesn't necessarily have to be an instance that drops engines more than usual, but could be a way to get more people in the lower instances instead of just golem farming
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    Another week passed, everything is done again, again not a single engine.

    Thanks for all your reactions!

    Since I don't have a toon on this level I don't have a direct way to compare the drop rate.

    I was hoping a dev or the Rift gods themselves might be able to say something here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valiope View Post

    I could never make the first steps because of lack of engines. So I had to make detours but have been stagnating for quite some time now.
    Why? The first steps don't require engines, that's my point. I was raiding TD NM frequently with almost none of my t1 gear upgraded. All I needed was 1st stage of eternal, essences & fragments, none of those even require a guild to help you. I was already pulling 800k dps + on a cleric. If you can do it on a cleric you can do it with Mages, Primalist and Rogues. Once you have second tier of eternal and a couple of intel items you're around 1million dps+ I'm currently around 1.3million with the t2 stage not upgraded. You only need 800k for TD NM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valiope View Post

    but also often I get kicked because I don't live up to expectations.
    Please elaborate on this further, kicked from where?! Unless you're not pulling the dps expected of you with your current gear you wouldn't be kicked from anywhere. Sounds like you need to sort your spec & rotation out more than anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valiope View Post

    What's the point if I can't upgrade anything? ... but if you can't upgrade an armor set, you won't even get the set bonus.
    Upgrading t1 is such a small part of your dps, so you really shouldn't be bothered. The bonus's part is true, but again, it won't make a huge amount of difference.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valiope View Post

    For the Eternal I also have to run high inis, so I'm on the last step. But the weapon alone does not compensate everything.
    Yes, yes it does. Rift balanced your damage solely around eternal. Terrible idea, but that's what they did. The eternal IS your damage.

    So you do actually have 1st stage eternal which means you definitely should be running TD NM and pulling 800k-900k dps.

    Which is a very good point, you haven't actually told us what damage you're pulling. This is probably the issue, and this issue definitely has nothing to do with engines.

    If you can explain your dps issues, then we can help you there. Better to sort the issue at the source than blaming something irrelevant.
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