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Thread: Tenebrean Engine

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    I actually have the opposite problem. I get upgrade components for gear I don't have. I have a few engines...and I don't own a single thing I can use them on. I'll probably vendor them eventually.

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    Maybe Trion can make a monthly quest for the engines...

    There is the patron sparkle monthly, so quests based on monthly turn in can be made.

    So why not make a monthly quest for all.. something like

    run TDez x3
    run TDnm x3
    run Qf x3 in a month and get 3 engines as reward.

    Doesn't necessarily have to be an instance that drops engines more than usual, but could be a way to get more people in the lower instances instead of just golem farming
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    Another week passed, everything is done again, again not a single engine.

    Thanks for all your reactions!

    Since I don't have a toon on this level I don't have a direct way to compare the drop rate.

    I was hoping a dev or the Rift gods themselves might be able to say something here.

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