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    Having credit options for packs and DLCs would be nice, but I imagine that'd be a bit weird if they were to release another pack that gives you $20 worth of credits along with the other goodies like the Autumn Harvest one. You'd be paying credits to buy credits. Perhaps that's why they've never done, but on the other hand that's the only pack they've ever given credits with.

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    Thank you for this extensive and well-researched feedback. I'm compiling and sending to the team. Obviously, we can't make any promises but we'll take a look.

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    I dont know if it's been mentionned but i would like to point out how oddly placed the reputation tab is in the rift store.

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    Default lower prices- totally agree, for example, bag slots

    Quote Originally Posted by Leocadia View Post
    A couple of suggestions and comments.

    Should never be in the store for credits. And let's face it, for the amount of money it costs this is aimed at whales. I think that this item causes more harm (resentment / P2W appearance) than good (how many whales buy a set???).

    Vials / boosts for notoriety / tokens / etc

    No issue with those with a few caveats: as long as I can get there through game play without being so severely gimped that there is no point, then that's fine. For example: shortchanging us on quest exp while leveling to push exp vial sales on us is not cool. I think many people would buy a vial anyway just for the convenience, even if it's not really needed to max out without wanting to stab yourself in the leg with a spork.

    Cosmetics, Mounts, pets
    Bring it on! New stuff please (not reskinned / recoloured).

    Other convenience items
    Sure.... things like color & hair style bundles, last name scrolls, faction change scrolls, you name it. This is all ok in my books.

    Those need to die in a fire. Luring people in to spend money on gambling is pretty low. Yes, it generates money but it is so troll that words fail me. Yes yes, better odds than Las Vegas but I bet (haha, see what I did there?) that people aren't playing Rift because they are looking forward to gambling.

    Referral Awards
    This needs to be looked at as right now it provides very little value. Remember, for someone to collect referral coins, someone else spent real life money on your product.

    Affinity Awards
    See Referral Awards. Please look at those as there is hardly anything of value here. Also, rewarding people to "stay logged in" with these only encourages TB-afk'ing.

    This is very situational. I always buy patron when I'm leveling because the bonus is pretty nice. I sometimes buy patron for when I'm collecting coins for something, but that rarely happens. Patron needs to be looked at. I am guessing that sales would go up if the value would be better. I know Trion has said no in the past to this but I'll bring it up anyway: add a bit of a credit stipend to patron. Other games do it so I'm not buying the "can't do it for accounting reasons".

    Value in general
    I would urge Trion to take a hard look at value versus cost. When the mood strikes me to treat myself I have often looked at the Rift store for something small. However, when I see the lowest cost items sitting at a cool $5-10 then that is no longer a micro transaction and I usually pass. When I hear micro transaction I think iTunes where songs cost a buck or two. DISCLAIMER: I know that you can buy crafting mats for less than that but that's not what I'd "treat" myself with.
    As far as prices go, there's things that could be cheaper... and if cheaper would probably sell more and make more money. Off the top of my head, bag slots. I have 6 bag slots, I don't really need more ( not for 775 credits as patron). But if they were 300-ish credits? I'd probably buy them just to have the slots open lol. And bag slots are the first thing a lot of new players ask about. If they were cheaper they would be more attractive.
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    Default moving costumes to dungeons

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellishly View Post
    My only suggestion for the store is that I would like to see some of the old, really hard to get mats that are vital in some crafting recipes added to the store.
    Some of them did have alternate ways of procuring them back in the day, but all those methods have been removed, leaving farming old content the only way. But, with old content no longer being done on any regular basis, some of these items have become impossible to obtain meaning that crafting recipes that require them also not possible. This is particularly noticeable with level 50-60 recipes.

    Yes, I am mainly a crafter, and love being able to make some of the more obscure recipes.

    I also have one suggestion I don't agree with, and that was moving costumes out of the store and into raids and dungeons. My reason: I love costumes, but due to disability I don't raid or do dungeons, so it would make them impossible for me to get. Also, new(er) and returning players shouldn't have to run raids and dungeons ad nauseum, and hope that the rng gods are on their side to get what long term players could just buy in the shop for just a few credits or plat.

    Editing to add:
    Also, please make the store searchable from the front page! Would add a huge quality of life rather than going through every sub-section.
    I agree, I would rather just spend a reasonable amount of credits for a costume than run an old dungeon every day for two weeks trying to get a costume bundle to drop, then two more weeks trying to win the roll. However, as it stands MANY of the costume bundles in the shop are just normal sets that can be completed easily in the game by quest rewards or buying appearances on the auction house ( I truly love the "only show uncollected appearance" option). These bundles could easily be removed, as they kind of trick new players into thinking "hey, these bundles cost 600 credits they must be rare" so they buy something that they could complete in-game (in 5 minutes for 5 plat) on the auction house. I specifically mean the very low tier sets like the Dark leather bundle, Sentinel's plate bundle, etc.
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    Default Put the Bank Vault Extensions in the shop and take the bank locks away, like on Prime

    I wish a Bank Vault Extension in the shop, like the Trade Skill Extension. You made the extended bank vaults on prime invisible. That should also be for Live. Please remove the ugly bank locks.

    P.S.: My first free extended bank vault is after the Hotfix also invisible on prime, now. It would also be nice if we had the open bank vaults on both servers one below the other. I have now 30 big empty spaces under every bank vault on Prime-Server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elayara View Post
    f) Patron is worthless

    I have no problem paying a monthly fee for a game, but the way patron is set up, it is totally worthless to me. I would be fine with most of the things I mentioned above, if they only applied to F2P players, but not to patrons. Like: F2P has to buy IRCs, Patron gets free rolls. F2P has to pay for Opie jumps, Patron gets them for free. F2P has to pay for the minion mission, Patron gets them for free.

    Simply put: if I pay a monthly fee, I do not want to see any more price tags popping up in the game. Not *less* price tags, just *no* price tags. I want to pay once, and then be done with paying - except of course for fluff or convenience items like mounts, wardrobes, profession or bank slots, and the like. But paying for Patron, and then still being pestered by price tags? No. Just... no. This is like pay TV where your movie still gets interrupted every 10 minutes by idiotic ads, a concept that simply makes no sense.
    I'm afraid you have a misunderstanding about what Patron is. Rift is no longer a subscription-based service, where paying a single monthly fee grants you full access, like Netflix. Patron is simply one microtransaction of many, and it provides certain things (rested experience, etc.), like a premium cable channel. If Patron's benefits don't interest you, don't buy it thinking it'll unlock a pile of other unrelated services.

    I guess I should also make a suggestion for the store. How about having a free "off-soul" version of the paid souls, with 15 points max? My concern is primarily new players trying to level a character of a calling that doesn't have any non-premium healing souls, which is incredibly painful and a really terrible experience (see figure below).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerhawkT3 View Post
    I'm afraid you have a misunderstanding about what Patron is.
    I understand perfectly well what Patron is, that's why I called it useless in the first place

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