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    You chose the name Slipmat on Prime just to troll the known player called Slipmat. The leader of the guild you was in a few years ago. You knew exactly what you was doing and why you was doing it.

    I am shocked that your obsession with him has lasted for this long to be quite honest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seshatar View Post
    The ToS basically said Trion can do whatever they want in game - so they did.
    They reserve the right to modify and act accordingly if there is indication of abuse of the rule. However as far as I know the poster did not breach 11.a of the ToS for code of conduct, the guidelines were followed. The name choice did not breach any of these so Trion had no reason to intervene. The person that forced the name change should not have done so without proper investigation. Sure Slipmat may be well known, but they have no legal claim to the name and the ToS have a no ownership rights in account rule which is agreed to upon account creation.

    As said, if the poster did intentionally choose the name to abuse it and harass another, then fair enough. Otherwise it should have been left, Trion have a rights to modify clause in the ToS but in this case, they have not been modified and therefore the original rules apply to all.
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    We try very hard not to get into private details of these matters, but it's pretty clear that you're not willing to back down nor own up to the choices you have made.

    Slipmat was not unknown to you.
    You have responded to posts that Slipmat has made on these forums. As he is one of the more active people here, it would be surprising if you did not know him.
    From what is being posted to this thread, you were even in his guild previously.

    Perhaps the above is even marginally debatable, but the important note is that none of that was even considered for the CS decision...

    When the name was contested, CS investigated and was able to pull chat logs of your direct communications in game that clearly demonstrated your intent to troll and harrass Slipmat by securing the name.
    Their decision is not up for debate, but I am sure they will respond to you when they get to your ticket

    I am closing this thread, and you will receive a suspension from the forums to give you a chance to reflect on what has just passed. We do not take actions like this lightly.

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