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    Default quick question about PRIME

    Hey old player here. Reading the FAQ I saw that the prime server is to "close" after a year. Is that a permanent thing or will the server be reset to base and be on a yearly cycle. I'd personally be pretty disappointed if it closed permanently.

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    It will go down, those toons can be transferred to live servers and then a new iteration of prime will go up. New rule sets and what not. That's also under the assumption that it does well through the year or so it will be up. That being said though, Live servers will still be the main version of the game.

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    HolyRoller speaks truth!

    Progression servers generally slow down once end game is conquered, and so our plan is to have an exit plan for players, i.e. transfer to a Live server of their choice.

    However, if the Prime server supports a stable, self-sustaining population, Dev will definitely consider other options.

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