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Thread: Understanding Currency

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    Default Understanding Currency

    There's so many different types of currency in this game. I just hit 65 and feel like I've missed out on spending some of it. Can anyone recommend a good resource for what currencies are used for purchasing what and/or from which vendors? I find that the Rift Store isn't much help when you're trying to search by currency type.


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    currency in game is for anything that is at level with the source of the currency.

    it can buy you armor, weapons, essences, focus, seal
    it can also buy you minions, dimension items, mounts

    Open world currency
    void stones is for gear level 1-65
    celestial remnants for gear level 70

    dungeon currency
    abyssal crusader marks is dungeon currency, for gear level 65, since it comes from instances you can run at that level

    tower fragments is from level 65-70 zones and used to get level 70 gear or upgrade components for level 70 gear.

    Gear from dungeons/instances comes in different tiers, depending on the difficulty of the instance. This can be seen in the different tier gears you can buy.. and the different statson that gear.

    To find what you can get for your currencies, you will need to check every tab in store.

    To make it a little easier.. browse through the different tabs in store, see what type of items are sold.. and figure out for yourself what you need and/or want.
    Then check what currency you need for those items and if you want/need the currency for upgrade components for that gear.

    it does help to check or clear the level boxes in the left window in the store when you are looking for gear

    *mentioned currencies are not all currencies in game, but just serve as example
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