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Thread: came back after 1.5 years and it's shocking the state of the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldar View Post
    This is something they already had to think about especially with all this competition in the genre that comes every year... Although I believe an eye catching world will make the first impression more vivid, it is the community and the gameplay that will make you stay or move on in the MMO industry. Rift and ESO use the same engine. Check both states of these games...

    On the contray, it was the instant adventure which made the fast leveling and the "catchup with your mates" thing, more appealing to all the returning players. The existance of that choice did not harm the game. You could always choose between the fast leveling system the game offered you and the solo experience if you would like to explore the world. A lot of players did the explortation with their main char. They wanted their next toon to catch up fast its big brother/sister. The instant adventures were the answer to that problem and a selling point for the Rift game. Back then when the devs were actually listening to what the player base needed...
    A large problem is stuff implented "back then". It needs updating/scaling. Not everyone wants to play the same two IA maps and skip all the entire game. New players and returning players should be able to quest and level nearly as fast. I personally don't like questing in dead zones, a large part of mmorpgs for me is socialising as well as playing. I skipped all the quests to play IA so I have no clue what the game is about. Not to mention I havent been in a single low level dungeon. Now I'm sure if I popped some boosts and skipped side quests I could level fast doing the storyline but I don't want to do it alone. Running around in a graveyard and never having the LFG tool pop is discouraging. My favorite mmos arent like this. They have plenty of catch up mechanics and whether you're in a starting area, mid level, or end game zone they're packed with players and teeming with life and people to quest with, offer advice, and just make friends. Rift is rather large and running around alone can be overwhelming especially when you ask questions in chat and they go ignored because the same handful of people who actually talk are debating politics or just being immature.

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    There is nothing at all wrong with the idea of Instant Adventures. But I think that you could have had the same result while reinforcing more exploration if two things had happened.

    1.) No Queue for IA's. You have to find them, in the wild. Sort of like rifts but they have less of a clear indicator. This would allow for exploration but still generate the exp that allows people to quickly catch up.
    2.) A bump to rewards and exp for things like rift content and traditonal quests. This would have allowed people who are exploration mind to be relatively competative experience wise and still be able to see all the work put into the game.
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