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Thread: Beware the new windows 'SPECTRE' bug fix patch.

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    It's trivial to exploit using other vulnerabilities to gain code injection,which is then binary.

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    Nothing weird here so far, but I also jumped on the Ryzen this time.
    According to AMD, then Meltdown does nothing because AMD use a different architecture. Spectre however is a vulnerability though.

    I did read people using Windows 10 would be less affected by the updates in terms of performance compared to Windows 7. So if you have one of the older Intel generations (4 and below) while using Windows 7, you might experience a significant performance decrease.

    My girlfriend use my older computer running W7 and an older i5, although currently I don't know if the update landed or not. I'll soon find out, since she use it heavily for gaming too.

    It's likely one big mess in the world now, since the fix seems a bit hastened, so problems will occur. More feedback is required to even things out, unless you believe some of the tinfoil stories of corporate deals about pushing people into W10 and buying new hardware :S
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