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Thread: Dye Bucket bundles

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    Question Dye Bucket bundles

    Is there a list or chart of which dyes are included in the Fabulous and Celestial bundles? Do they overlap?

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    I had the same question as you did and this was the reply I got:

    Greetings Ascended,

    Thank you for contacting us regarding RIFT.

    I apologize for for the confusion surrounding this issue, and will happily assist you with this mater. Please be advised that this information is current only as of this time, and is subject to change with game updates.

    Celestial Bundle of Dye Bucket (21 colors):

    Crimson ("regular", Dark, Deep, and Light)
    Lichen ("regular", Dark, Deep, and Light)
    Sand ("regular", Dark, Deep, and Light)
    Mariel-Taun Pink
    Nightmare Green
    Nightmare Purple
    Tenebrean Amber
    Tenebrean Blue
    Tenebrean Green
    Tenebrean Light Blue
    Tenebrean Purple
    Tenebrean Yellow
    Faboulous Bundle of Dye Buckets (74 Colors):

    Black ("regular" and Exceptionally)
    Cyan ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Emerald ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Fuchsia ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Goldenrod ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Lilac ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Lime Green ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Magenta ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Olive ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Peach ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Pink ("regular", Dark, Exceptionally, and Light)
    Sapphire ("regular", Dark, Exceptionally, and Light)
    Rose ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Ruby ("regular", Dark, Exceptionally, and Light)
    Seafoam Green ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Sepia ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Sky Blue ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Slate Blue ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Tangerine ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Teal ("regular", Dark, and Light)
    Violet ("regular", Dark, Exceptionally, and Light)
    White ("regular" and Exceptionally)
    Exceptionally Crimson
    Exceptionally Gold
    Exceptionally Mint
    Exceptionally Pumpkin
    Exceptionally Purple
    Exceptionally Sky
    "Regular" colors are simply their name. For example, where there is no color called "Regular Violet", there is Violet.
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    Thanks! /10char

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