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Thread: TD & SPE Loot Table Needed

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    Default TD & SPE Loot Table Needed

    Hi, just wondering if there's any links to a TD & SPE loot table. I'm trying to gear up my fresh 70, and I don't wish to spend my IRCs on bosses where I'm not sure if they're gonna drop a piece of gear that's gonna replace my current blue or under leveled one.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think best use for IRCs are crafting rifts because you need a lot of Celestial Matrix for crafted helmet and range (Best in Slot).

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    For SPEs, other than the final bosses, everything blue can drop from any boss. The purple items from SPEs are from the final bosses, and I forget exactly which is from where, but they aren't worth using IRCs on anyway. Best use for those is either crifts if you need celestial matrices or DRRs if you need essences.

    Here is a loot table for everything else though:

    Technically there's a couple garbage weapons dropped in normal TD, but....they're garbage and everyone should aim for the crafted ranged and the eternal for 2h or 1h/oh anyway.
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    You can get to the hit you need from Vostigar gear for your t1 raids. Personally I'd save your charges for Raid Rifts and maybe some TDNM minis. LFR TD is a viable option since you will need engines for upgrades but these drop from the T1 raids as well.
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