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Thread: Having problems logging in

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    Default Having problems logging in

    I had a new modem put in last night. Went to my account, and had an email with a code sent to me to login. I can login to the forums, and my account, but not the actual game.
    I get an error that says My external IP address has changed since I last authenticated. Please exit the game and reenter your name and password.
    I cannot find a place to do this, where it works. I went to my account again, logged out, cleared my saved locations, had a code resent, logged back in, but same error message yet, trying to play.
    Any ideas please?

    Sorry, wish I could delete this! After another 5-10 attempts, I finally got the correct screen to login, and am back in the game!
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    The same thing happened to me yesterday
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    When this happens go to the top right corner on glyph and pick log out. Then select log in and you will be asked for your log in information...that should fix it though you may still get a code via email to enter---
    Have you ever wanted to?

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